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New Year Rent Boys

Quite a few of my friends have just returned from the new year break, having accompanied their girlfriends back to the home town to celebrate the new year with the family. But not every girl is lucky enough to find … Continue reading

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Back To Life

Well, my week of doing absolutely nothing has flown by. I am ashamed to admit I spent most of the time sitting on my sofa catching up on a few TV shows (Boardwalk Empire season two is highly recommended, especially … Continue reading

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Enter The Dragon

And so here we are, the final half hour of the rabbit year with the year of the dragon waiting in the wings to take over. The Pearl TV Tower has turned red, like a Chinese lantern, to mark the … Continue reading

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Caturday Cosiness

After all that fighting last week, we’re back to our lazy, laid back selves. And of course, the best of friends!

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China Welcomes The iPhone 4S

  So the iPhone 4S was launched in China at 8am this morning from Apple stores (and from midnight last night from China Unicom with contract). Much like every other launch in every other country, there were huge queues and … Continue reading

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Caturday Conflict

It’s not all peace and harmony in the WoAi household. Here they’re literally at each other’s throats, but it’s all just horsing around to punctuate the long periods of lying around doing very little. They love each other really.

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Flying The “Friendly” Skies

I find it interesting that everyone has strong views about various airlines. This one is dreadful, that one is the best, and yet there’s never any one airline that gets consistent praise or criticism, so something must be wrong. British … Continue reading

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