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Before 21?

I don’t often write blog posts on 29th February, in fact, this may be my first! Now we’re on the 28th floor, I spend a lot more time in elevators and it continues to baffle me how so many people … Continue reading

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Apple’s Latest Product Revealed

There’s strong speculation that Apple’s next big product will be a TV of some kind. But that’s all just a diversion and I can tell you all now that the next big thing from Apple is in fact … the … Continue reading

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Shanghai Restaurant Week 2012

Yes it’s back again, from 5th March to 11th March. You know the drill by now. 3 course dinners at either 168 rmb (eg Glo London, Casa 13) or 248 rmb (eg Sir Elly’s, New Heights) per person depending on … Continue reading

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Perfect Valentine’s Gift Pack

I continue to be impressed by how businesses in China are rapidly embracing western culture and capitalising on big events like Christmas and Valentine’s day. Here’s a very imaginative promotion that drug store chain Watsons put together last week. That’s … Continue reading

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Pyscho Cats

Cats are fascinated by running water. I’ve often gone for a shower by myself and then when I’m done, I pull back the shower curtain to find both Tommy and Hui Hui right there staring at me like Norman Bates! … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day At The Palace

No I’m not talking about the palace nightclub in Somerset! Loyal readers may recall from my last post of 2011 that my father was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty the Queen on New Years Eve for services to the … Continue reading

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Love Is In The Air

Well, today is of course Valentine’s day. I don’t think I have ever gone out on Valentine’s day. When I was in England, I would always be working at the restaurant as it is the second busiest day of the … Continue reading

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Whitney, The Greatest Diva Of All

I was pretty shocked to hear of the death of Whitney this weekend, aged 48. It was just last week some friends and I were discussing how she’s been having cocaine addiction problems, but I haven’t really been following the … Continue reading

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Caturday Reincarnation

In my next life, I’m coming back as a cat!

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Living Together In The Locust World

Well, this has been on the edges of my radar for a while but I’ve only just started paying serious attention. It seems the tension has been slowly rising between Hong Kong residents in the former British colony and mainland … Continue reading

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