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Gravity Defying Plastic

Empty plastic bottles for recycling. How they don’t all fall to the ground I’ll never know. It reminds me of how some people used to perfect the art of getting as much salad as possible in a small bowl at … Continue reading

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The Caturday Appeal

No pictures of Tommy and Hui Hui this week, because there’s a far more pressing matter to address. A friend of a friend is trying to find homes for “two lovely and really quite nice kittens rescued a few weeks … Continue reading

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My Umbrella (Ella Ella, Ay Ay)

I think I’ve talked already about how China has hardened me. I used to be a very mild mannered, polite young man but bitter experiences have made me a bit (some would say more than a bit) of an arsehole … Continue reading

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Testing Caturday

This was shot a week ago on the day of my birthday party. Was just testing the camera ahead of the big night and Tommy was a willing guinea pig.

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One Last Birthday Hurrah!

My company has quite a nice perk – staff do not need to come to work on their birthday, so yesterday, I had probably one of the best birthdays I can remember. I started with a self made strawberry mango … Continue reading

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WoAi Turns 44

Can you believe it – I feel like last year’s birthday party was just last month, and yet it’s already another year. And so on Saturday I had another small birthday gathering of 50 or so close friends. The venue … Continue reading

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Calming Caturday

You know what’s good for calming down a heated internet debate? Why a Caturday featuring the adorable Hui Hui of course! And a happy mothers day to all the non-British mothers out there!

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Slanty Eyes Be Gone

Growing up in London as an ethnic minority, I had to put up with a fair amount of teasing and some English kids would sometimes stretch their eyes with their hands to make them narrower, I suppose in reference to … Continue reading

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2 Weeks In Shanghai, Part 2

I mentioned this in passing in part one, but VUE Bar at Hyatt On The Bund is a contender in my opinion, for most breathtaking view of Shanghai as you look out at Pudong on your left and Puxi on … Continue reading

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2 Weeks In Shanghai, Part 1

So you may have heard my brother was here for two weeks with his friend Ben. It was a vacation for them, but for me it was two weeks of playing host and tour guide by night, and working at … Continue reading

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