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Euro 2012 Déjà Vu

During the last world cup in 2010 I realised many readers completely tuned out of the blog because they weren’t interested in football, so I have avoided a daily update of the Euro 2012 competition, but now that England are … Continue reading

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Dallas Is Back!

This ought to be a good test of my readership demographic. Do not adjust your sets, Dallas is back after the last series ended 21 years ago. That’s right, Bobby and JR Ewing are at it again, with a few … Continue reading

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Sometimes Thrifty WoAi

Shanghai is becoming more expensive at an alarming rate. I’ve never, for example, been a huge fan of Wagas, because 50 RMB for a sandwich plus say, 34 RMB for a drink, makes for a rather expensive lunch in my … Continue reading

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Girls, Girls, Girls (And WoAi)

this blog is getting boring. first stocks now this .. its time for a blog about girls . lol I try my best to bring intelligent and relevant China topics to my dear readers and for what? All I get … Continue reading

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US Bureaucracy With Chinese Characteristics

I paid a visit to the US consulate this afternoon. I’m not American of course and as a Brit, I don’t need a visa to visit the US, so this was a rare trip to help my cousin pick up … Continue reading

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65 Points (Rounded Up!)

This is going to creep you out. As you all know, yesterday was the 23rd anniversary of a rather tragic day in China’s recent history. June 4th 1989 was the day the army moved in on the student protesters in … Continue reading

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Long To Reign Over Us

While in China today we mark a rather sombre anniversary of which we must not speak, back in Britain, the whole country is celebrating a rather more happy occasion. Can you believe it’s 60 years since her majesty became queen. … Continue reading

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Rich People Can’t Drive

I read in one of this weekend’s Sunday papers about a 47 million RMB Aston Martin that was written off last week by its Chinese owner, more of which later. It was only recently that T published a post entitled … Continue reading

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