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WoAi London 2012

I’m sure most of you know I’m in London for the Olympics. It’s so great to be home for any reason at all, so the Olympics are just a bonus, but a massive one. I have tickets for 3 events … Continue reading

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Caturday Scare

If you’re not used to having cats it can be pretty freaky if you’re home alone running a shower when suddenly the bathroom door swings open. I’m used to it now of course. Well, sort of.

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Cuivre Gets 4 Thumbs Up

I’ve been meaning to try this French restaurant for quite some time, but being a last minute kind of guy, I’ve never been successful at getting a table booking. But last night I finally managed to secure a table and … Continue reading

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Mr Three Eyes At The Football

One of the best football teams in the world were in Shanghai last night to play against local team Shanghai Shenhua, who aren’t actually very good even by China’s low standards. But it was a rare chance to see a … Continue reading

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Bowling For Aurora

Like the rest of the world, I was horrified to read about the massacre at the Batman premiere in Denver on Friday. 12 dead and many more injured. The youngest to lose her life was six years old. The youngest … Continue reading

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Caturday On The Fridge

This is Hui Hui’s usual spot on top of the fridge but recently Tommy’s also been occupying the spot. And then the other day, I was amazed to see them both sharing the space together and had to run for … Continue reading

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China Officially Welcomes The New iPad

So after paying Proview 60 million US dollars to acquire the rights to use the “iPad” name in China, Apple today launched the latest (3rd generation) version of their popular tablet. To avoid the chaos that surrounded the iPhone 4S … Continue reading

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L’Atelier, Peut Etre

I had a business dinner at everyone’s favourite foreigner friendly Xinjiang restaurant, Xibo the other night. The dinner was at 8.30pm but my colleagues and I didn’t fancy staying in an office devoid of air conditioning in the sweaty Shanghai … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Dependency

I’m still trying to solve the security issue, but as I’m an effective multi-tasker, I thought I’d add a new post, one that has been simmering now for years. It’s about people’s dependency on mobile phones which in my view … Continue reading

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Apologies blog fans. I’ve been having security issues with the site. Apparently I’ve been the victim of automated hacking programs which led my provider to suspend my account. It isn’t necessarily fixed so if anyone with knowledge of WordPress coding … Continue reading

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