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The Princess

I can’t stand princesses, but as people start earning more money in China, it seems to be a growing problem. These are girls who basically avoid doing ANYTHING for themselves if they can possibly avoid it and instead get guys … Continue reading

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WoAi In Bangkok

So having only just unpacked from my London trip, I’m here in Bangkok for a couple of days of meetings. But I almost didn’t make it. The car I ordered to take me to the airport didn’t show up this … Continue reading

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The Blame Game

I recently wrote about a guy who bumped in to me at a football match, broke his glasses and then blamed me for it and demanded compensation. It seems to be a common occurrence here. Today I saw a guy … Continue reading

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Cool For Caturday

Autumn isn’t quite here yet but Tommy brings his own brand of coolness to the late August heat. Apologies for the lower than usual quality, it’s an iPhone picture.

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Death By China

This really is shocking. It’s a trailer for a film called Death By China and the clip here shows many Americans blaming China for the current state of their economy with comments like “when workers in China are abused, workers … Continue reading

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Dating The Chinese Way

A friend recently went on a blind date in Beijing. Arriving at the coffee shop, he found not only the girl but her mother, too. Within minutes she bombarded him with questions: What does he earn? Where did he study? … Continue reading

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Be My Chinese Valentine

If you’re in trouble for forgetting Valentine’s Day a few months ago, you have a chance to redeem yourself because tomorrow is Chinese Valentines Day or Qixi festival as it’s called, falling on the 7th day of the 7th month … Continue reading

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Japan, Again

It happens every few years. I remember clearly in April 2005 there were waves of anti-Japanese protests in many cities across China because of some new text books which apparently played down the atrocities carried out by the Japanese during … Continue reading

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Caturday In Devon

This is Alfie. He belongs to my university lecturer who has retired and now lives in Topsham (population¬† 5,023) in Devon in the south west of England (near Exeter), a lovely part of the country I grew up in but … Continue reading

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Bosideng Goes Global

I was looking for the pub at the top of London’s South Molton street last week, as it’s always nice to drop by for a pub lunch to give tired feet a break from shopping. Imagine my surprise when I … Continue reading

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