The Caturday Morning Movie

Question : When is a door not a door?
Answer : When it’s ajar!

Buildings don’t have central heating in Shanghai, so in the cold winter, I put all my portable oil filled heaters in my bedroom and lock myself in. It means my bedroom gets up to a nice and cosy 20 degrees, while every other room in my apartment remains at a cool 11 degrees, brrrrrgggghhh! For this reason, I keep my bedroom door firmly closed when I go to sleep at night, otherwise an ice cold draft comes in from the living room and the temperature in my bedroom plummets faster than the London stock market.

Which is why it’s really annoying when Tommy does THIS in the middle of the night:

Oh, if English isn’t your native language and you didn’t get the joke above, when a door is slightly open, we say the door is ajar, which is exactly what happens to my door every night when Tommy decides that he needs to go to the toilet!

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16 Responses to The Caturday Morning Movie

  1. Miss Jane says:

    That’s a cool trick! My friend’s cat can do shake a paw, lie down and roll over like a dog. Cats are so cooooool!

  2. Heli82 says:

    Tommy once again shows why he is far superior to most other cats. Although I’m surprised that a cat of his, ahem…weight… is able to do that. I guess there’s never any “private time” with a cat that can open doors around the house.

    Enjoyed the Leona Lewis soundtrack.

  3. Jin says:

    Now all Tommy needs to do is flush the toilet….AKA Meet the Parents

  4. D says:

    wow! super cat!
    who knows what else tommy is capable of doing when u r not watching….
    didnt quite like the music thou :p

  5. oh hells yeah that was cool!

    (but must be incredibly frustrating when the draft comes through.)

  6. WoAi says:

    Miss Jane – Tommy doesn’t do shake paw but if you hold out your hand he’ll be happy to bite your fingers!

    Heli82 – To be honest, he’s usually in the bedroom during private time. It’s much better than having him burst in half way through and scare the crap out of whoever I happen to be with! Sometimes he’s even on the same bed, sleeping right through it all!

    Jin – What was the cat’s name? Mr Jingles? Yeah, it annoys me that Tommy never flushes afterwards!

    D – Not a fan of Leona Lewis? It wasn’t planned. It’s just what happened to be playing when I saw Tommy about to jump so I just grabbed my camera immediately.

    Angie – Yeah the freezing draft always wakes me up, so I have to get up and close the door. Then 5 minutes later he’ll want to come back in so it’ll be open again! Thankfully it’s usually no more than once a night and sometimes not at all.

  7. Heli82 says:

    Yeah I would imagine a freezing draft on a bare ass would wake anyone up. You do sleep naked, right?

  8. WoAi says:

    Heli82 – In winter, I usually wear a t-shirt!

  9. tinkerbell says:

    yeah, didnt like the music. wished you had muted the sound so we can just enjoy tommy’s antics. but he’s fab, nonetheless! :) like daddy like son??!! *chucklez*

  10. WoAi says:

    Tinkerbell – I’ll see if I can redo the soundtrack as it wasn’t intentional. Yes indeed, like daddy like son, except daddy isn’t grossly overweight!

  11. Ur Rich Uncle says:

    TomCat thinks he’s clever, but can he beat the computer in solitaire?

  12. WoAi says:

    Ur Rich Uncle – Actually he prefers playing Nintendo Wii Tennis.

  13. Emily says:

    Very clever Tommy. However, wouldn’t it be easier for you to wake up your servant WoAi to let you out? Boots prefers this method. Simply paw at him, or lick his eyelids… it works for Boots.

  14. WoAi says:

    Emily – Tommy’s servant still needs to get up to close the door so I’m not entirely against your proposed alternative!

  15. In the words of Tommy Boy (chris Farley) “I swear I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my life, but that … was … AWESOME!

  16. WoAi says:

    Expatriate Games – LOL, it was pretty awesome, wasn’t it! You can just watch it again and again.

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