The Revolutionary Martyr

I read recently that Zhang Jianyong, the firefighter who lost his life in the CCTV fire has been honoured as a revolutionary martyr.  It is truly tragic that someone who had yet to reach his 30th birthday had to lose his life because of the stupidity of a few CCTV executives, but I do find it odd that he has been given the martyr label simply because the building that was on fire happened to belong to the state owned TV station.  Would his loss of life have been any less tragic if it was a supermarket fire or a fast food restaurant?

But I suppose that’s how it goes.  Even in communist China, not all lives are equal, not all buildings are equal.  How ironic!

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10 Responses to The Revolutionary Martyr

  1. Swiss James says:

    I think everyone’s observing a minute’s silence here WoAi.

  2. WoAi says:

    No James I think they’re just recovering from Martini Thursday at Laris!

  3. mmmmm, martinis . . .

  4. T. says:

    All lives are equal, but some lives are more equal than others. Four legs good, two legs bad.

  5. Ryan. says:

    I doubt he would have wanted to be remembered for dying for the sake of his religion: Communist Chinese Government; he would have probably wanted to be remembered for sacrificing his life to save another’s life.

  6. Jin says:

    What to say….in a land of a billion + Chinese people. 20% of the people could be martyrs (US spelling)and still it would be a land of almost a billion people. Thus the ones in power have lives of most value. hahaha

  7. maxiewawa says:

    Truly tragic.

    By the way, it’s “martyr”, isn’t it? Not “matyr”. An earlier poster suggested that it might be a British spelling, but I suspect it’s a uniquely WoAi spelling…

    Don’t feel bad, even Urban Dictionary made the mistake (it is a mistake, isn’t it? My English has go bad since I come China.)

  8. maxiewawa says:

    Google has 10 results for “matyr” (one is WoAi, four are proper nouns) versus six million for “martyr” so I think it’s just a typo. Don’t feel bad, we all make them once in a wile.

  9. WoAi says:

    Maxie – It is of course “martyr” thanks for spotting the error which I have now corrected.

    Ryan – Yes indeed, perhaps he should be labeled “reluctant martyr”.

  10. D says:

    yes some lives are more equal then the others.

    the CCTV incidence was crazy.

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