Bye Bye YouTube


As of today, the famous video sharing site has been blocked by the Chinese authorities, as reported by the BBC News website, which itself was blocked for many years until recently.

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20 Responses to Bye Bye YouTube

  1. wancestyle says:

    These are one those things I definetely don’t miss about China :)

  2. Dingle says:

    to be honest youtube was painfully slow out here anyway, no big deal for me

  3. Heli82 says:

    I wonder what it was that pushed them over the edge this time. There’s usually no rhyme or reason to these things. I’m sure it will magically reappear in a few weeks like nothing ever happened as soon as the sensitive anniversaries out west pass.

  4. CP says:

    Danwei has a bit of speculation about the possible causes. More of the usual apparently.

    I think they should block the letters A-Z because they can be used to make all sorts of incriminating words by those of the wrong disposition.

  5. WoAi says:

    Wancestyle – I think I’m going to be very sad when I eventually leave China so I better put together a list of things like these to make be feel better!

    Dingle – I usually open the YouTube page then go do something else and play the file when it’s loaded, which was fine. I am sure it was deliberate. If they don’t want to block sites they just slow it down so it’s not usable!

    Heli82 – Yes, it seems it is events “out west” that is driving this.

    CP – Yeah, typical. Hide it under the carpet and it doesn’t exist.

  6. Seraph says:

    Yes, It’s sooo annoying, it’s part of my life! The worse is I can’t watch videos by proxy, it always shows “unavailable”…

    Youtube has been blocked once but recovered soon, I hope this time won’t be too long.

  7. incognito says:

    I know the cause for the blockade.

  8. WoAi says:

    Incognito – When will they ever learn. By blocking it they’re making it worse. If it’s false, why not let everyone take a look and point out the inconsistent aspects so the fakers are exposed.

    Seraph – Yes, it never lasts. Get a VPN that is what I do and it works find.

  9. CP says:

    WoAi – Why do they need to learn? Surely any two-year-old kid knows that if you shut your eyes, no one can see you, and if you put your hands over your ears and go LALALALALA, no one is saying anything.

    Of course that won’t stop the other kid from laughing at you.

  10. WoAi says:

    CP – A very accurate analogy there. Tommy once hid in a paper bag with his backside sticking out thinking nobody could see him. It was hilarious.

  11. D says:

    its crazy!!! the heee xie crab.
    me in turkey and bulgaria, will be back to london soon

  12. Tripfriend says:

    I’ll miss it. I didn’t use it much, but it was always good for sampling new music.

    I do expect it to be back in a couple weeks. I have no idea how they choose sites for the block list, but a lot of the ones I used to need a proxy for are normally available now.

  13. Tripfriend says:

    I just noticed that you can still watch videos from youtube that have been embedded into other websites. Oh.. No… Youtube is already unblocked. Ha ha ha.

  14. Nikou says:

    But there is always youku!

    Btw, I have just started my own blog: TheShanghaiExpat. Please feel free to visit and let me know what you think for a link exchange.


  15. WoAi says:

    D – Hee xia crab? Huh? Turkey? I envy you. It’s on my list. My word you are really covering a lot of countries at an alarming speed!

    Tripfriend – Yes, BBC News, Wikipedia, Typepad are all now unblocked. Win some, lose some. But YouTube is STILL blocked from my computer.

    Nikou – Yes, YouKu works fine for blogging, but some things are only on YouTube, like Irish Gypsy Fighting!

  16. Clark says:

    It was only down for a few days for me. That was a short block, or will we see it come back again?

  17. WoAi says:

    Clark – It’s still blocked in China.

  18. D says:

    He xie = crab = ‘harmony’, what the chinese use for internet censorship

  19. WoAi says:

    D – Thanks, I didn’t know that.

  20. D says:

    yes harmony comes from hu jin tao’s harmony policy, chinese people do have a sense of humor!!!

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