WoAi Sidelined

Well, now I have the Twitter feed it almost seems pointless to write new posts as you can all just see what’s going on from the sidebar.  So you all know I twisted my ankle very badly Sunday night while walking down a badly lit street with uneven paving.  That would be a lawsuit waiting to happen if this was the US of A, but in China you’d be laughed out of court.

The pain was so bad I had to just stand in the street rubbing my ankle for 10 minutes.  I was 200 metres from my home on my way to dinner, looking for a taxi.  I thought of cancelling dinner, but it would have been impossible to walk back home and easier to hail a taxi and go to dinner anyway.  Of course, I was late and my friends had chosen to sit upstairs!

I can now walk only very slowly and cannot put any weight on my right foot.  I must have looked funny walking around the office with a limp because on my way back from my second visit to the bathroom, several people could contain their laughter no longer and burst out laughing simultaneously.  I’ve made a mental note of who those people are, so they can kiss any hope of promotion goodbye till the end of the decade …. oh wait, it’s 2009 …. ok, the end of the NEXT decade!

It’s given me a whole new perspective though, having taken for granted being able to walk at a swift pace.  Simple tasks like chasing down a taxi is now impossible.  And I could have sworn several taxi drivers today drove right passed me as they saw me limping, thinking I’d be too much trouble.

And then after work, carrying my laptop bag, I suddenly became so conscious that anyone could just grab my bag and WALK away and I’d never be able to catch them.  One shifty looking character was walking behind me down a side street.  I held on even more tightly to my bag and stopped to let him pass me and only started to feel more comfortable when I could see him ahead of me rather than behind.

The 10 minute walk to get from subway line 8 to line 2 in rush hour is definitely out of the question in my current condition, so I’ve ordered a taxi for 9.15am tomorrow morning.  The taxi company can’t do it any earlier as it’s rush hour and there’s always a shortage of taxis until after 9am.

And I’ve picked up other injuries as a direct result of the primary injury.  I strained my shoulder muscle at dinner trying to put my shoe and sock back on (long story) and bruised my behind getting in to a taxi because my right foot wasn’t strong enough to support my body weight to allow my to gently lower myself in to the taxi.

Some people have been scaring me in to going to the hospital to get an x-ray.  I really don’t have time to line up in a Chinese hospital as it’s a busy week, but I just might have to if things don’t get any better, although I am 80% sure all I need is to rest the ankle and it will heal itself when the swelling dies down.

Obviously, my Tuesday workout session at the gym will have to be cancelled.  I guess it’ll be a few weeks at least before I can run again.  I’ll have to think of alternative ways of burning off a few calories, suggestions welcomed.

The good news is, I should have more time to post blogs as I won’t be out much this week (sorry ladies, I’ll make it up to you!).

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  1. Your Rich Uncle says:

    / \
    he is Woai help his ankle be less gimped by cup and tasting him on every blog you read.

  2. Green says:

    You might try red flower oil. It helps relieve the pain.

  3. Heli82 says:

    You should have it checked out. I twisted my ankle really badly almost years ago. The pain was so bad I almost threw up in the street, but like you, I grabbed a cab and continued to dinner. I just iced it for a few days and let it “heal” on it’s own. To this day I still have pain and it pops from time to time. Ankles can heal strangely and cause more problems down the road if you don’t take care of the injury. I’d really recommend an xray and maybe a wrap or something.

  4. Incognito says:

    Don’t put the garbage over the ankle, just let it rest and you will be fine.


    P.S. you’d be made an ass out of yourself in America as well in court.

  5. DaveNYC says:

    hey hope your angle get better.
    Over here you’ll probably get workers comp and sue the city for lost wages and emotional distress.

  6. DaveNYC says:

    angle = ankle (where’s the spell check option on here?) :D

  7. Nanciful says:

    I know you have a busy week but I highly suggest that you do something about the ankle ASAP. I pulled something in my sitz bones/hip area and didn’t do anything about it, thinking that it’s just muscle pull or strain. Now it’s chronic pain and hurts every time I run. It’s been 3 years since the injury and I have to live with this annoyance for the rest of my life! Acupuncture helps but I wish I tended to the injury earlier.

  8. Rich says:

    Sounds like a serious injury. If you can still get to the gym there’s loads you can do. Sounds like getting there is your biggest problem though.

  9. shopgirl says:

    :( sorry to hear.

    i’ve been having a cold for two months and can’t taste food properly which have resulted in weight gain :( and the world is just not as enjoyable. So i know what you’re going through.

    hope you recover fast so you can go to the gym and prepare for my arrival :P

    HAHAHAHHAHA joking. anyway, good luck

  10. gswafford says:

    Pop a couple of aspirin to reduce the inflammation, keep it elevated with ice and stop staggering drunk down dimly lit streets. :)

  11. Dingle says:

    Woai, you should definitely go to the hospital, I suspect you’ve had too many cold drinks.

    Seriously though, why don’t you just work from home, let the staff get their own coffees for a day!

  12. SHE in China says:

    ahhhh darn… I feel for you!! I broke my foot one winter (when I lived in Finland, the country of snow and ice, so imagine how easy it was to get by on crutches…) and the foot was in a cast for 6 weeks, then it took another 6 weeks to ‘learn’ how to walk again. so Yeah, I def feel your pain! Maybe u should have it checked out or at least get a foot support? I played bball when I was younger and used to have problems with twisting/spraining my ankle (it also works against you -the more times u hurt it the easier it gets f*ed up) so after a year of injuries I started using that foot support on a daily basis.. it’s really great. Keeps you foot supported and unable to twist.

  13. Don Tai says:

    Put ice (in a bag), frozen vegetables, or a frozen steak on your ankle, 15 mins on and 15 mins off. This will reduce your swelling and thereby cause you less pain. Continue this for 48 hrs or until the pain subsides. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) such as aspirin or ibuprofen will also help.

    Your condition is a good excuse to buy some stylish above ankle boots, but only after the swelling goes down. Within 7 days you should be able to limp more fashionably. This too will pass.

  14. maxiewawa says:

    Wah get well soon! And am I the only one who can’t see the twitter bar?

  15. WoAi says:

    Thanks everyone for all the advice and experiences, you’ve all convinced me to go get it looked at after work today even though it is feeling better than yesterday already.

    Maxie – I can only speak for myself but I can see it on my work computer and my Apple Mac at home in both IE and Firefox. Are your browsers updated?

    Dingle – I think if the staff don’t get their coffees there will be a rebellion.

  16. WoAi says:

    Shopgirl – Your comment was pending approval for some reason. And yes, the first thing that came to mind when I hurt my ankle was “oh no, Shopgirl’s coming in a few weeks and I’m not ready”!

  17. Seraph says:

    If you really want an x-ray, I suggest you go to hospital at night, no line.

  18. WoAi says:

    Seraph – I would have thought night time was when most people hurt themselves, either because of the lack of light or being too ambitious in the bedroom :-p

  19. Swiss James says:

    You could easily sue the government for that in the UK too- my sister-in-law handles those kinds of cases.

    Nothing for you here though.

    Anyway it sucks, definitely get to the hospital- you can be twittering on about how the queue is 3 hours long whilst you wait to pass the time!

  20. tinkerbell says:

    1. first, pop some painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills to reduce the pain and swelling.

    2. get an x-ray. if ankle is fine, proceed to step 3.

    3. go see a ‘tit tar’ sifu who will rub those chinese medicated oil and massage your ankle. (you will probably need to do this exercise for a few times)if this is not done, side effects will be felt in few years down the line.

    4. when you sleep, prop up your ankle. and you need to rest the ankle as much as possible, so staying in this week is good.

    5. finito!!

  21. WoAi says:

    James – Going tonight after work. Will Twitter from there.

    Tinkerbell – Cheers, I’m not actually in pain at all, but it’s certainly still swollen. Anyway, will see what happens at the hospital tonight then consider alternative treatments.

  22. Dingle says:

    Just walk it off you big wet blouse..

  23. CP says:

    Hope the ankle gets better. Good thing you’re getting it looked at – I damaged mine at university following an ARI. The college nurse seemed to think it would be fine, and it was – after about six months. Then two years I felt a spasm of pain when visiting (of all places) the Great Wall of China. I went to get it looked at, and it turned out a bit of bone had chipped off and was rolling around inside the joint. I got it removed, courtesy of some keyhole surgery, and it’s generally OK now although does click and creak a fair bit. I’m doing a half marathon on the Great Wall next month, so that should be a good indicator of any long-term issues.

    Didn’t you once blog about the fact that Chinese people never walk on pavements? Now you know why!

  24. T. says:

    If your insurance covers it – you could go see the kind people at Sino United or Shanghai United. Lines are much shorter.

  25. WoAi says:

    Dingle – If you read carefully that’s been my plan all along until everyone else tells me to go get it seen to!

    CP – I have a confession to make, I was walking on the road not the pavement!

    T – Insurance? What’s that? Actually I go to the “foreigners” section at Hua Shan and it’s not too bad.

  26. wisemanofasia says:

    woai – what a great excuse to go in late to work…sorry there aren’t any taxis available until after the rush hour! I am gonna try using that one tomorrow….which means I am going out tonight!

  27. gswafford says:

    Say, does an x-ray require 2 hours of fluid from an IV? I’ve yet to discover any treatment from a Chinese hospital that doesn’t require being connected to an IV.

  28. Babygrand says:

    Sorry to hear what you are going through. Although I had to admit I was laughing a bit while reading the blog, but you are not in pain so it is OK right?

    I don’t think I could contain myself either, seeing my boss hopping around like that. Oh, if it could only happen to my ex-boss!

    Take care and hope you feel better soon :)

  29. WoAi says:

    Wiseman – I’ve patented that excuse. There’s a 10 rmb fee every time you use it.

    GSWafford – I’d like to see them TRY to hook me up to an IV, let me tell you!

    Babygrand – No I’m not in pain at all. It hurt for about 10 minutes. The only problem is I can’t walk. So yes, you’re allowed to laugh at my expense, just this once. Don’t worry, I’ll be bouncing around on the dance finer floors of Shanghai in a week or so. Well, maybe make that 2 weeks. Or three. Maybe a month.

  30. D says:

    oh no! hope you get well soon :)

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