We’re Gonna Party Like ….

Hmmm, I’m not being a very good blogger these last few weeks for which I apologise. I don’t exactly have an abundance of free time today either but thought I ought to post a few words on the twentieth anniversary of my 21st birthday!

Thanks for sticking with the blog. I’m going to try and knock it up a gear now we’re in to summer.

Have a good weekend. I’m off to teppanyaki dinner and then it’s party time at a secret, undisclosed location. I’m sure pictures will follow in a day or so, but here are the photos from last year if you missed them the first time. I wonder if any of the photos will be good enough for Shopgirl’s Teasing Thursday feature.  If it helps, I will be unveiling a new pair of glasses this evening.

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10 Responses to We’re Gonna Party Like ….

  1. wisemanofasia says:

    I have seen the glasses and they are not the bait I would have used to make people carry on reading but hey what do I know?

  2. Jo says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Don’t drink so much that you misplace those spiffy new clothes you bought in Hong Kong!

  3. Beverly says:

    Hope you had a great night dude! Sorry I couldn’t make it.. the housewarming party turned into a stint at Muse nightclub. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and looking forward to seeing your pics, and hope you liked mine on twitter of the hot poledancing girl ;)

  4. maxiewawa says:


  5. SHE in China says:

    Happy bday!!!!!

  6. 小杜 says:

    Thx for the invite & the champagne, was a fun night!
    (Trawled town 18 -> 5 -> SiN -> Muse till 5am!)

  7. Rich says:

    Did you have a good night bruv? Pics please.

  8. shopgirl says:

    happy birthday lah, you will get your gift soon ;)

  9. Thomas says:

    Happy birthday! Personal message to She in China: is your blog censored? The address isn’t working anymore…

  10. WoAi says:

    Wiseman – Shut up!

    Jo – I left the new clothes at home actually, but thanks for the concern.

    Beverly – No worries, we’ll catch up next time. My pics are up and I’m gonna look at yours in a minute.

    Maxie – Xie xie ni.

    SHE in China – Wish you could have joined.

    小杜 – You’re hard core.

    Rich – Pics are up, was a brilliant night, some said even better than last year.

    Shopgirl – Can’t wait.

    Thomas – Yes, Blogger is currently blocked in China so all blogs hosted there are not accessible in China without a proxy.

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