Rolls-Royce Phantom “Chinatown Edition”

Chinese car manufacturer Geely has recently launched the Geely GE, which looks remarkably similar to the Rolls Royce Phantom which costs around 250,000 pounds. It’s been reported in various media like The Telegraph, but I have to take my hat off to Ride Lust who get WoAi’s prestigeous prize for most hilarious headline caption!

The funniest thing about the car though is that unlike the genuine Rolls Royce Phantom, the designers (I use the term loosely) of the Geely GE decided to put just one throne-like, centre-mounted seat in the rear, so it’s a bizarre 2 + 1 arrangement. Any miniscule incling I might have had for this car just went out the window. I like to ride in the back with at least 2 of my honeyz, with Tommy riding up front. I’m not going to buy a car where I have to sit back there alone.

If you’re interested in more, The Telegraph did a photo gallery from the Shanghai 2009 Auto Show of several Chinese knock off cars and a very amusing Bentley logo ripoff. Enjoy!

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15 Responses to Rolls-Royce Phantom “Chinatown Edition”

  1. D says:


  2. Rich says:

    I ned a close up of the hood ornament. Now all you need is a Chinese Simon Cowell to drive around Shanghai in it :D

  3. T. says:

    I wonder if it has umbrellas in the doors like the Phantom.

    When is Top Gear going to do a China challenge?

  4. WoAi says:

    T – That would be AWESOME. Imagine Jeremy Clarkson in that monstrosity. I will have to write to the Top Gear peeps.

    Rich – I’m the Chinese Simon Cowell!

    D – Nothing more irritating than people who write first and have no other comment on the subject!

  5. CP says:

    I can’t see what you’re on about. This is clearly an original design – just think of the loving effort they would have put in to model the entire body using cardboard, to ensure the vehicle has the crash-test performance of a soggy jiaozi, as required by the DROSS (Domestic Rip-Off Sub-Standards). There’s no way you’d achieve that with a steel or aluminium body.

  6. Dingle says:

    it’s actually a cross between a lada and a rolls royce

  7. Swiss James says:

    it’s black and shiny (meh@cars)

  8. WoAi says:

    CP – Yes, quite right, any similarities with the Rolls is merely coincidental. Actually I’d love to see a crash test comparison between the two cars. I’m sure the Geely would come out the winner!

    Dingle – I think you’re right, it does appear to have been “inspired” by more than one source.

  9. Sue says:

    LOL, what don’t they knock off? Tim guessed all the cars right except the Yaris.

  10. WoAi says:

    Well done Tim. The Bentley logo amused me more than the cars. It’s just so shameless.

  11. wisemanofasia says:

    I saw an interview with the PR guy from Geely just after the Shanghai car show and he claimed that it was not a copy. That was all he said! I have no idea what planet he was from but needless to say he was fooling no one! I love the idea of some rich crazy chinese businessman from the hinterland buying one of these so as to ‘buy local’.

  12. Dingle says:

    You seen this Woai? Geely are making London taxi cabs now, expect to see them in Shanghai any day now:

  13. WoAi says:

    Wiseman – They always deny it. That’s the funniest part. They usually say something like the grille on the original is 8.5 inches while their grille is 8.58 inches wide!

    Dingle – Excellent. I might have to get one for myself and hire a driver to cruise around town.

  14. Silk Knots says:

    Soon they will come with a cloned driver too, with an almost British accent.

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