Wo Ai …… Sausages

WoAi’s home cooked English breakfast

So here I am back home in London for a one month enforced China tax break. Apparently all foreigners need to leave China for 30 consecutive days every 5 years in order to avoid an increased tax liability. This is of course my second 5 year term.

It is quite nice being back for a whole month. It means everything isn’t one great big frantic panic to cram everything in to just a few days. I might even manage to tick off more than just a few things on my “to do” list. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

I’ll no doubt be writing a lot about the contrast between London and Shanghai over the next few weeks. There are lots of things I do miss about England but there are also things about England that drive me mad.

But I won’t start on a negative note, that wouldn’t be a good way to start my month long posts from England. So how about starting with one of the things I miss most about living in England : the traditional English breakfast, and specifically, British style sausages. For some reason they can’t be found in Shanghai, so I always go a bit crazy when I’m here and cook them almost everyday for breakfast. They’re great as part of a full English breakfast fry up (although I usually grill instead of fry) with bacon, eggs, toast, baked beans and mushrooms. They’re great too in a sandwich, hot or cold. They’re great on cocktail sticks with a bit of cheese, on pizza, in congee, fried with noodles. In fact they’re great with anything.

The photo above was my first English breakfast this time round, but it definitely won’t be my last!

Additional information:
Marks & Spencer Cumberland Outdoor Bred Pork Sausages
Marks & Spencer Unsmoked Danish Back Bacon

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27 Responses to Wo Ai …… Sausages

  1. AM says:

    I miss Eng breakfast … it taste even better after a bad hangover!

  2. David says:

    “Marks & Spencer”

    As if we needed to be told! You’ll have to bring back a stash for Tommy or he’ll never speak to you again.

  3. Anthony says:

    the list just gets longer and longer ….. lol

    List for Wo Ai
    1. Fish & Chips (salt & vinegar)
    2. Sausages
    3. …


  4. T. says:

    “A sausage is a casing filled with the sweepings of abattoirs.” H.L. Mencken

    (Actually he said it about hot dogs. . . and I love sausages of all types)

  5. Mike says:

    can’t get that at Carl Jr’s

  6. wisemanofasia says:

    Will there also be postings about cherry bakewells, crisps, steak and kidney pie and yorkshire pudding? yum

  7. Anthony says:

    WoAi should bring back a hamper and then
    for the next radio show, have a quiz
    get people to call in and try to win prizes – lol

  8. KimC says:

    Okay that is just not fair. There is nothing like a good old British Breakfast and that photo looks delicious. I too miss British sausages – Lincolnshire and Cumberlands – Mmmm!
    And just about anything from M&S is yummy. I am so jealous.
    I think Anthony is right, you should start a hamper of fave British grub and have a phone in on the podcast. Don’t forget to include the Branston pickle – I checked my local City Shop and they didn’t have it.
    So what other tastes of home are you enjoying? I miss scotch eggs, walkers crisps, cheese coleslaw and tango! When I land I head straight to Sainsburys and buy them all for my first snack lunch. I also miss Mature Vintage Cheddar.

  9. WoAi says:

    @AM – Yes indeed, all washed down with a nice cup of tea.

    @Wiseman – I may actually go to Bakewell in the peak district, so I’ll let you know if I get to try some of their famous tarts (the edible kind!).

    @Anthony – Luggage space is limited. Anything I bring back will be for me and me alone!

    @KimC – Episode 4 comments please! Today I had some M&S Honduran shrimps and marinated artichokes. Yesterday had chicken liver pate spread on wholemeal toasted bread. 3 bags of Walkers cheese and onion already. And yesterday I got two types of sausages (British Chipolata and Butchers Classic) to compare with the Cumberlands. 2 packs for 3 pounds!

  10. the tarts (both kinds) could be considered edible . . .

    i LOVE british style breakfasts but they don’t compare to a texas style t-bone steak breakfast. ;)

    glad to hear your restraining yourself . . .

  11. Mike says:

    Here in Xiamen I went to every supermarket to try and find ‘proper’ British sausages to put in a lovely recipe I found on the internet, but alas they are nowhere to be found. Chinese sausages just don’t measure up. On a more positive note I still have loads of chocolate I brought back with me :)

  12. WoAi says:

    @Angie – T-bone steak breakfast? Only in America!

    @Mike – What kind of chocolate? Actually in Shanghai I did find some sausages in the expat supermarket that was close enough to British style sausages, but can’t beat the real thing.

  13. Hopfrog says:

    Over here in the states we never think cuisine when we think of the UK. How ironic, that our most consumed meal is probably the traditional English breakfast, beating out the beloved Hamburger in a land slide.

    Gotta have me eggs, toast, sausage, and bacon… the beans aren’t real big over here though.

  14. WoAi says:

    @Hopfrog – And of course the beloved Hamburger is a German invention. Is there any American food invented by Americans?

  15. Hopfrog says:

    Sorry WoAi, thats not correct. Most people think its called the Hamburger because it was invented in Hamburg, Germany. Trust me, we yanks have debated long and hard over the origin of our beloved creation, but one thing no one can deny was that this is an American creation.


    The one thing I love about being an American is our ability to appreciate a mix of so many cultures and foods. I often go out to eat with Chinese friends and we take turns picking the places. They ALWAYS pick a Chinese resteraunt and I always see them eating Chinese food at lunch hours and dinners. We Americans love a good mix. Italian, Mexican, Chinese… you can find a resteraunt dedicated to each of these cuisines in EVERY American town, even the smallest out of the way hillbilly villages.

    Oh and America has had many culinary creations, such as these:


  16. Mike says:

    I brought back about 15 biggish bars of different varieties of dairy milk, twix, toffee crisps, chocolate fingers, maltesers, flake and mars bars. And a load of biscuits including Jammy Dodgers, ginger nuts, party rings, shortbread amongst others. It’s going to be a sad day when they’re all gone though…

  17. tinkerbell says:

    you can find cumberland sausages in city shop but they are bloooooodyyyyy expensive!

  18. David says:

    ‘Chinese sausages just don’t measure up’

    Don’t let the CCP folks see that or you’ll be deported pronto! “So, this furriner called Mike is insulting Chinese manhood. Get rid of him.”

  19. KimC says:

    Mike, where do you live? I may need to come and live at your house until all those yummy chocolates and biscuits are gone. I am so sick of going to City Shop and having to take out a 2nd mortgage to buy all things Cadbury.

    Have to say I agree that Chinese sausages just don’t do it for me ;-)

  20. KimC says:


    Sorry to tell you this, but I need to re-listen to #4 to remind myself of all the cracking anecdotes. Will do so and report back pronto. I have not listened to #5 yet, I am getting way behind and suffering for it.

    BTW: What’s ‘appening in Eastenders…? Actually, I have always preferred Corrie, but that’s another story.

  21. WoAi says:

    @Mike – It’s a pity you don’t live in Shanghai. You can get a lot of the biscuits at M&S and Flakes and a few other chocolate bars at the City store (but yes, at inflated prices). I remember the sadness when I ate my last packet of Walkers crisps in Shanghai, knowing it would be months before I had that taste in my mouth again.

    @Tinkerbell – Really? Never seen them.

    @KimC – Actually I haven’t watched much TV so far as my parents have it on CCTV most of the time. Either that or the kids are watching cartoons. As for Chinese sausages, all I can say is, better not generalise. Some can be quite good!

  22. WoAi says:

    @Hopfrog – It seems British Chinese are a bit more evolved! They still love Chinese food but you’re just as likely to see them in a pub having a good Sunday roast beef dinner. Actually that’s one of the things I love about London – the diversity and integration that I’ve talked about before.

    Thanks for the interesting Hamburger link. I learn something new everyday, even on my own blog!

    Americans also invented the fortune cookie. Never seen one in China!

  23. Mike says:

    Here’s a lovely photo of the stash I brought back from the UK.

    @KimC – I live in Xiamen. Actually I’m studying here, and I’ve started my Master’s today and it’s not very easy!

    @Woai – Yes it’s a pity I don’t live in Shanghai, I would love to buy some nice ‘proper’ biscuits here in China, I love to dunk them in my tea.

    p.s. I’m not sure if my link will show up correctly since I’ve never tried before in a WordPress comment, but hopefully it will be alright.

  24. WoAi says:

    @Mike – You are an HTML master! Usually if links go wrong I manually edit the comment so the poster doesn’t look like a fool, so you don’t need to worry! My cousin lives in Xiamen. I plan to visit sometime. Is it true you can see the sun in Xiamen coz I’d swap a few packets of biscuits for some sunshine in Shanghai where it’s overcast 364 days a year.

  25. WoAi says:

    @Mike – Oh we can get Flakes, Dairy Milk, Caramel and in fact most of that stuff in Shanghai. But what I am eating right now is a packet of Galaxy Minstrels. Haven’t spotted those in China before. Surely you can get Skittles and Pringles even in Xiamen?

    If needed let me know and I can send you stuff from Shanghai.

  26. Mike says:

    Yes it’s true that you can see the sun here. In fact I’ve just come back from a whirlwind tour of China accompanying two friends from the UK, and I can safely say the air quality in Xiamen is spectacular for China (Xian was especially bad, and Chengdu too).

    You can in fact get skittles in Xiamen, but I bought them anyway, and as for Pringles – when China starts selling China-size Salt & Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail, Cheese & Onion (and the other great flavours we get in the UK) I’ll be happy. In fact scratch that, when are they going to start selling proper size Pringles here? I’m not too impressed with the Chinese flavours of Pringles, though it is possible to buy imported ones from an import shop here in emergencies. I think the chocolate situation here is pretty dire. We get the usual chocolates for China, and if I recall correctly the import shop mostly sells American chocolate. Yuck!

  27. WoAi says:

    Mike – I didn’t realise the Chinese Pringles were a different size but I agree on the flavours. I’ve been stuffing myself with Walkers Cheese & Onion. Moving on to Quavers tomorrow I think.

    I’m with you on the American chocolate which is a pity as there’s a huge Hershey shop in Shanghai.

    Oh, I bought 2 Curly Wurlys today!

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