Podcast Episode 7

Well, here it is, get it while it’s hot! In this week’s episode, the exciting topics include incontinence, infestations, pissing contests, ancient Egypt, Sudoku, finger banging and a guest appearance by someone called Marc with a “c”.

This is the second WoAi-less episode. Time is whizzing by, because I think there’s only going to be one more episode before WoAi’s return, and not a moment too soon I can here you all say in unison. Having listened to this episode, I can only say I’m very relieved that I had absolutely no involvement with it and apologise in advance to you dear listeners for what Arthur Daley would describe as GBH of the ear’ole.

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17 Responses to Podcast Episode 7

  1. dingle says:

    Fabulous singing what what, I think one of the unrecorded effects of Bokbunja is that it makes you all hear the music at different speeds..

    Woai, shut it!!!

  2. Anthony says:

    it really is hot ! – hotter than a carls jnr girl – lol

    hey it would be cool if you put on some light background music ……

  3. David says:

    Emma could play a big part in future codpasts. Get her a trombone for Christmas.

  4. Hopfrog says:

    When I am ripe and old and look back on life, I will always miss these last 26 minutes that I can never get back.

  5. Anthony says:

    is the word that you heard. It’s got groove it’s got meaning ;)

  6. Swiss James says:

    hopfrog- 27 including leaving the comment

  7. dingle says:

    ah hopfrog, you pretend you don’t like it but you can’t help bit listen, we’ve reached “car crash” critical mass already

  8. Hopfrog says:

    Haha… actually I rather enjoyed minute 27, Swiss.

    Yes Dingle, I’ve always been a rubbernecker, I think I said the same thing to myself after this episode as when I drove by a recent derailed train wreck….. “you gotta be kidding me, how can anyone survive that!”

    I have faith you all will be back in top form soon. I’ve experienced Go3 greatness in memorable classics such as Podcast 1 and 3, so this won’t deter me. WoAi should really rethink that quantity over quality policy though.

  9. dingle says:

    BACK on top form??????

  10. Stimpy says:

    Eh? What was that finger banging thing all about? I was very confused. I still am.

  11. Banter says:

    Its been two weeks and I still can’t get this song out of my head. Is there anything I can take for this?

  12. Kim C says:

    Haha! I listened to the latest podcast a couple of days ago and could not understand a word SJ was saying (nothing new really).

    Anyway, I mentioned it to my old man and after investigation he asked me why I listened to it at double speed – lol. He recently bought me an Ipod Touch and apparently I should have read the manual. For the past few weeks, all the podcasts have been playing at 2x speed. Shows what I know about technology.

    Good news is I now know how to get normal speed, it doesn’t help me understand SJ, but at least now I have a fighting chance.

    BTW: I love all the podcasts that I have yet to comment on. My dear old man is actually quite jealous of my late night listenings to the Gang of 3. Apparently, he doesn’t appreciate the late night laughing and bed shaking, unless he is the reason for it.

    BTW: Have to mention, I am missing Tommy. When will
    we get an update on him. Has he set up a webcam of his world yet?

  13. WoAi says:

    @Hopfrog – All I can do is apologise onnce again for episode 7. I think James and Dingle owe everyone an apology too, it was truly awful but as you say, we will be back on track now I’m back.

    @Stimpy – Yes, it was confusing. Even I was confused and I know Marc better than you do. I think some sort of background or introduction would have been helpful.

    @Banter – Take episode 8 and rinse thoroughly.

    @Kim C – To quote Grease yet again : does your husband know I come in to your bedroom every night (via the podcast that is)? Surely your husband would NOT be happy if he was the reason you were laughing in bed? Bed shaking is of course an entirely different matter. Tommy is looking at the webcam options but most likely he will be charging for access to this site as he is far more mercenary than WoAi.

    I hope you’re joking about listening at double speed!

  14. Swiss James says:

    I admit it was a little confusing when Marc just jumped in there- we did give him a little intro at the time- but I couldn’t include that without having to include another 15 minutes of stuff that we were talking about.

    Stimpy- once fingerbanging.org is launched I’m sure all your questions will be answered in full, horrifyingly graphic detail. In the meantime though, when a Daddy loves a Mummy very much, he gives her a special kind of cuddle…

  15. WoAi says:

    @James – Yes the fingerbanging website launch can’t come soon enough for me.

  16. Swiss James says:

    It’s not-for-profit you know

  17. Kim C says:

    I am so late with this comment, but after listening to Episode 10 (I believe) I realized I had never actually heard Episode 7.

    How this happened I will never know, but needless to say I was excited to discover that there was yet another great podcast still to enjoy.

    Unfortunately, all I can say is that like Hopfrog, I would love to have that 26 mins of my life back. What the heck was that? #7 has to be the low point of the Gang of 3′s podcasting history. Maybe it was the piss pot alcohol, but I would suggest that it is now renamed ‘Piss Poor’ due to it’s tragic effects on comedy.
    Sorry SJ & Dingle, but I have to say WoAi brings a higher standard to the podcasts. Does episode 7 have any bearing on why James is leaving so quickly?

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