A few days ago I arrived at my office and realised that someone had been in my office. Several items were in the wrong place. After discussions with the building security, they reviewed literally hours of closed ciruit tv footage and came up with this image. The girl in the picture entered our offices at 7.28pm. At the time there were still a few people in the office working, including me. From the video, we were able to see that shortly afterwards, everyone left but she was still somewhere in our offices, hiding. An hour later, she was seen leaving the office and headed for the back staircase where she proceeded to walk down from the 6th floor and left the building at 8.45pm.

What did she steal? Well, bizarrely she ignored valuables including laptop computers that were on desks. All she took was business cards of clients. My entire box of business cards was emptied as well as a few other colleagues.

It was a bit of a wake up call. We have become extremely careless in our security measures. Valuable items are left in plain sight and the office door is often left wide open after hours. This has of course now been addressed.

So at the risk of sounding condescending, I hope you will all not take security for granted. A few extra precautions may require very little effort but could avoid disaster.

Oh, and if you ever see this girl, please give her a very severe slap around the face from me, many thanks!

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  1. Anthony says:

    WoAi groupie !!! – she’s probably going to sell your namecards for 500 RMB each now – lol

    seriously though, good warning !

  2. Swiss James says:

    So just to be clear, are you still leaving valuable things out in the open, unlocked?

    What time do you finish work?

  3. WoAi says:

    @Swiss James – Usually around 7.30pm. Oops! DELETE! DELETE!

  4. jill says:

    A rival company for sure.

    I worked at a 4A (big four advertising) firm, and soon after I left there were thefts going around. Wallets, cell phones, things like that were taken.. sad really. be more cautious!

  5. R-Seoul says:

    I know her, she works for Nielsen.

  6. WoAi says:

    Actually it’s not a rival. Almost all of our clients are also Nielsen clients so there’s no point getting our client contacts. But also, new information : it turns out she DID try to enter other offices on a different occasion so it’s now clear it’s not targeting our industry. She was just trying to get as many contacts as possible.

  7. sean steel says:

    ahhh, only in China…

    “Hmmm, that Mac looks like it might be worth a few bob, but hey! them there business cards are just the step up I need to get my foot on the import/export career ladder!”

  8. asiAnnie says:

    Looks like something out of a spy movie!

    I can’t see properly on the pictures, but isn’t she holding a gun in her left hand AND wearing black leather pants? These things don’t lie (ask Hollywood): she definitely is a spy.

  9. come on peter, at least blur my face!!! Like I did to you

  10. Miss Jane says:

    That’s NOT a girl. It’s the man from Swiss Jame’s post.

  11. WoAi says:

    @Sean Steel – Yes, it’s odd isn’t it! But I’m wondering if it’s so if she gets stopped by security when she leaves, they won’t find anything on her that warrants holding her.

    @asiAnnie – Yes, it was a small calibre hand gun which if I had caught her I would have quickly disarmed her and bitch slapped her with the end of it.

    @Shopgirl – Come on Shopgirl you’re much more attractive than that wench!

    @Miss Jane – What man?

  12. Jen says:

    @WoAi – Don’t you lock your office room when you leave for the day? Don’t you put your business cards inside your drawer?

  13. WoAi says:

    @Jen – How can I lock my business cards away when I don’t have any? Oh you mean before? No, I don’t. Do you? As for the door, no, I don’t lock the room door otherwise the ayi can’t empty my rubbish bin.

  14. T. says:

    I used to work in an office where we shared office space with our “sister” company – but with an unlocked glass door between us. (we shared some resources like finance, hr and office space, but were sometimes competitors – same exact industry. Weird, no? Anyways, one time last year, a bunch of name cards were stolen from someone in the other office – lots of finger pointing went down and accusations. So they ended up locking the glass door between the offices.

    The fallout? Instead of me taking 15 seconds to go to finance, it would take me 1 minute to walk all the way around out the front door and in through the finance entrance. And two, I couldn’t talk to the cute girl who sat facing me through the glass, and instead we had to call each other or MSN. And then meet in the elevator lobby for lunches.

  15. mike says:

    she looks kind of dangerous

  16. DavidA says:

    Really, shopgirl, I don’t know why you can’t just ask WoAi for his number in the normal way.

  17. DavidA says:

    To be serious, maybe she’s a double-agent for some unknown third company/shady operation.

  18. Mark says:

    Couldn’t you just ask your security to enhance the photo and convert it to color? I’ve watched enough episodes of 24 and CSI to know this is possible. They should be able to send that modified photo to the police and they’ll drag her back into your office within 8-12 hours.

    What you do with her then is entirely up to you….

  19. D says:

    OMG! sounds like whats in the movies but i am sure it happens more than we think.

    The business cards will probably generate more profit for her when she misuses them , some sort of doggie sales person in some doggie business!

    havent you reported her to the police?

  20. Rich says:

    Doggie business? Sounds like a job for Ace Ventura, Pet Detective!

  21. ana says:

    i used to work for a company in which we would get a warning (pink slip sticked to our locker) if we left anything important on our tabkes when we left. i think the second warning included a fine… but it was pretty cool in a science-fiction kind of way. there was even a bunker, and in some parts you had to do an iris scan to get inside :D

  22. mike says:

    hey if you put her photo on some chinese forums
    it would probably have a bigger effect
    (human flesh search engine)

  23. Charlie says:

    I came into our offices one day at about 9.30am to be greeted by a chinese lady who had been (according to our receptionist) been waiting there since 9am. Despite there being chinese lawyers available she only wanted to speak to a chinese speaking westener. When she saw me she got on her feet straight away and introduced herself. I took her to one of our meeting rooms and began talking to her. I gave her my business card as a matter of process and then listened to her as she began asking if I had the address of the US embassy. Went out to get my receptionist to print off the address. Then came back and she started asking me if I was married and if I wanted any female company, she then handed me an escort card. I (of course) said no and asked her to leave, she said to give her card to as many westerners as possible. Wierd. She still has my business card.

  24. @ ana: i worked for a company that did that, too. (perhaps it was the same one – there are offices all over the world.) they were so vigilant about information loss that we had to lock our own file cabinets when they weren’t in use . . . even to step away to the bathroom! ridiculous . . .

  25. Miss Jane says:

    @Woai: The boy from this post:

    Don’t your office give you drawers to lock up stuff? Geeeeeeezzz

  26. WoAi says:

    @T – That sounds EXTREMELY dodgy. If you share finance and HR that is simply beyond my understanding. Were those departments completely neutral or did they belong more to one company than the other? I mean for a start, finance will know exactly who your clients are and how much they spend. But of course the biggest issue is the cute girl sat facing you. At least it was glass and you could still enjoy the view!

    @Mark – I tell you what, I’d love to “enhance” her face with my fist! Actually I like the way you are thinking. I should go to the police and give them a massive “red envelope” and say “boys, if you find her there’s plenty more where that came from”. I reckon it will take about 20 minutes for them to find her and deliver her to me.

    @D – Police just said to pop over and file a report. They couldn’t be bothered to come to our offices as it was “just business cards” stolen.

    @ana – The only time I’ve used iris scan is at Heathrow airport. It’s cool!

    @Rich – Good point. I need someone who has experience with female canines. I’ll get Mr Ventura on the case. It’s worth a try.

    @Mike – I am considering that route as well even if it just means she sees her own picture on the net and is humiliated.

    @Charlie – Do you still have her card, LOL! Sounds like a very enterprising young lady. I’ll admit escort providers in China are very enterprising. You almost can’t check in to a hotel in China without a phone call in the night offering female company or a business card under the hotel room door. I had a collection which I was going to blog about, not sure if I still have them. (That’s honestly why I kept the cards!)

    @Angie – You can’t be too careful!

    @Miss Jane – I don’t know anyone that locks away their business cards in a draw every time they leave the office. Do you?

    @James – I’ve just printed off 100 copies and will be pay some kid to stick them up all over the city.

  27. Charleybeijing says:

    This is pretty bizarre as I actually work in the same industry as you albeit in a different stream of MR.

    I had my entire rollerdeck and box of Business cards stolen last year from my desk around 1000+ contacts for clients in Asia. Lots of questionning of my colleagues went on and CCTV revealed nothing of interest so i put it down to something annoying rather than malicious.

    Sounds like there is a client stealer though…. or a new approach to Biz Dev.

  28. WoAi says:

    Wow that’s interesting so this is not a first. I guess this is why blogs are so useful for sharing experiences that at first appear unique but turn out to be quite common. In future the laptop stays out and the business cards get locked away!

  29. T. says:

    It makes more sense when you realize we were two formerly separate companies that were bought by the same mega conglomerate. Some staff actually had two business cards and two email address (so they could work on competing businesses – like Porsche for one company and Fiat for another – no neither of those were our clients).

    It’s not as dodgy as it seems, either that, or my dodgy tolerance is much higher than it used to be.

  30. CP says:

    @WoaAi: Perhaps you could come up with a solution that involves locking away your laptop and real business cards, and leave a folder full of female escort business cards on your desk, as a decoy for the next thief?

    Interesting story though.

  31. Trespassers W says:

    She looks like that creepy girl from Ring (the Japanese horror flick). Just like in that film, you must make some one else look at the security tape within a week or she’ll come back for you.

  32. I think I might have already given her a slapping – or it could be her sister. Do you have any pics from behind?

  33. WoAi says:

    Yes Oli, security took lots of shots from behind and put them up all over the building with a sign saying “beware of this woman”. She looks the same from behind anyway, just slightly more attractive.

  34. menya says:


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