Podcast Episode 11

That’s right, bingo fans, we’re already on legs eleven but time is running out now that James has announced his retirement from the Gang Of 3. How many more can we squeeze in before he leaves and more importantly, does anyone care? None of these questions will be answered in episode 11 but listen anyway. What else have you got to do?

This week Dingle unveils his new Christmas sweater, we all try some ginseng and reindeer antlers and another Dingle soiling himself segment, this time from Korea. And of course a song. If you fancy having a guess which song we’re doing, it’s from 1980 and it’s an anagram of A Saucy Faded Hop.

Podcast copper!

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29 Responses to Podcast Episode 11

  1. Anthony says:

    I almost couldn’t wait any longer !! – lol

  2. Hopfrog says:

    Thumbs up for this episode. It contained many of the classic elements from Podcasts past including a recipe song and a bowel movement anecdote from Dingle. The finale really showed the range that the Go3 possess and was pulled off nicely.

    The most enjoyable thing for me though was being able to listen to a Go3 podcast where everyone’s audio levels were equal and 2+ people weren’t talking at the same time. I could actually relax and enjoy the show instead of constantly rewinding to pick up different parts of 2 conversations taking place and I didn’t have to juggle my volume levels or my earplug.

    You guys are really hitting your stride now and its a shame that the original trio won’t remain intact. Sure, its only like losing Ringo instead of Paul or John, but still. I tease, actually Swiss has been a vital part of the show and I think I even heard him throw in a third chord today.

    On a sidenote, we were having a conversation about being over 40 and single today at work. The gentleman that cleans our office is from the Ivory Coast and he came in today and was looking despondent. He said he was depressed about being over 40 and single and how that would be looked on as being a failure in his homecountry and how depressed he was about not having a son to support him. Well the two guys I work with are over and single and in America this is no big deal at all for them or any singles here. In fact I think its pretty close to 50/50 marrieds/singles in the states nowadays. In China I realize the immense pressure that sons feel to get married, but when there is such a disproportionate number of males to females, being single is probably going to become a norm there too.

  3. JeffWho says:

    Hip Hopfrog is right, the podcast is moving toward more and more professional. i listened through with a clear mind before falling into asleep this time and found little new information to me though.

    people here in china tend to get married at a young age, especially the girls.

  4. DavidA says:

    I hate parmisan cheese. Cow’s spinal cord I can take, but please no parmisan.

    I’d say that this one just fails to get into the top 10 Gang of 3 podcasts of all time, but I’m sure you tried your best as always!

    I like the reverb effect on the song. In fact this song could be favourite so far because of the weird Algerian accents.

  5. Hopfrog says:

    @JeffWho, Agreed.

    @DavidA, The mere existence of episode 7 insures that with 11 episodes cast, episode 11 is guaranteed a top ten spot.

  6. DavidA says:

    You’re right Hoppers! I had erased Episode 7 from my memory, but now the nightmares will return…..

  7. Dingle says:

    you guys are all on crack, episode 7 was da bomb!

  8. Kim C says:

    Dingle – No, I think you mean Episode 7 bombed!

    Loved last nights episode and managed to wake my poor husband with all the giggling. I told him that’s what happens when you go to bed with 3 very funny guys.

    Loved the song – although I bloody hated it back in the day. Do you remember how it stopped Vienna from being #1?

    Anyway, there was a certain sadness knowing we are in the countdown to the last podcast… but hey, it’s better to have loved and lost – right?

    Can’t wait to see Dingle’s new jumper in all it’s glory – it sounds like a real classic.

  9. Swiss James says:

    What’s a matter you? Gotta no respect?

  10. jeffwho says:

    James – what happened?

  11. Stimpy says:

    “We all tried ginseng and antlers”? Not so, WoAi. Someone didn’t. ;-)

    Good episode lads. Mind you, any podcast without Canadians talk about finger banging is a good episode.

  12. WoAi says:

    @Hopfrog – Very quick off the mark as usual. I think I look forward to your reviews more than Tommy looks forward to meal times.

    However as usual I think you are being far to charitable to James by comparing him to Ringo Starr. I see him more as Stuart Sutcliffe.

    I’m glad you liked it. I’m not being falsely modest when I say I thought it was just average apart from the song which I feel was pure gold mainly because of Dingle’s faultless Italian / Jamaiacan / Algerian accent. And I am comforted by the knowledge that after James leaves, there may be no ukulele but there will always be an endless running stream of Dingle soiling himself stories.

    The gender imbalance is very real but I have to say it’s not noticeable on the streets of Shanghai. There’s still plenty of fine trim to stalk … oops I mean to admire.

    @Jeffwho – Thanks again for making us your bedtime listening. Sweet dreams.

    @DavidA – No wonder you don’t enjoy parmesan cheese, you haven’t been spelling it correctly! Interesting you mentioned the reverb. This was the very first song to be “remixed” on my Apple Mac using Apple’s Garage Band software. There are all sorts of interesting effects on there which we will be experimenting with in future.

    @Kim C – It’s funny you mention Vienna, we did talk about how it denied that classic Ultravox song from getting to number one.

    I have a very funny image in my head now of you in bed giggling while your husband curses WoAi and the Gang Of 3. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve pissed off someones husband!

    Countdown? There’s no countdown. There will be no last episode. The core members of the Gang Of 3 are still intact!

    @Stimpy – Marc the Canadian is actually a very entertaining guy, it’s just the whole episode 7 thing was one big cock up. We’ll have him on again one day and you’ll all see.

  13. Kim C says:

    WoAi, it is probably not the first time you three have pissed my husband off.. lol He often tries to speak with me and I am rambling on about one of your latest posts. I read all 3 blogs, so there is a lot of giggling to be had.

    BTW: I know you say there is no finale, but how about doing a greatest ‘hits’ remixed bonus podcast after Unlucky 13. It would be cool to have all the songs in one place. Just a thought?

  14. Seraph says:

    the article “Bi***” deleted?

  15. WoAi says:

    @Kim C – I think we talked about a greatest hits before and it’s be easy to do, so I don’t see why not. And if we’re pissing off husbands then we must be doing something right!

    @Seraph – No, but I released it a bit too quickly. I think people are still discussing the podcast post so I took it offline for a while. Did you have a comment to make?

  16. Seraph says:

    ok, now I sort of realized how those spam message or mail come from…

  17. Swiss James says:

    Technical note: I didn’t use the Garage Band one in the end, there’s a program called Mixcraft for Windows that I used instead.

  18. Swiss Ringo says:

    You know, after I’d finished editing and producing the whole thing, then learning a third chord

  19. jeffwho says:

    who’s the Swiss Ringo dude

  20. Swiss James says:

    Keep up Jeff, it’s me!

  21. DavidA says:

    @Woai – parmisan, parmesan, it’sa aller the samer to mea….’orrible!

  22. Dingle says:

    After James has gone we’ll probably have to update the Gang of 3 and become the Gang of 3.01 or something….

    HA HA HA HA HA HA BONK, that’s the sound of you all laughing your heads off at my amazing joke..

  23. Jake says:

    That SH bathhouse feature was gold, gold! (And definitely not done because we were trying to bleed as much as we could from expenses after they’d announced the magazine was shutting down)

  24. DavidA says:

    @Swiss James – all your Apple-using readers just stuck another pin in their Swiss James patented voodoo dolls!

  25. Swiss James says:

    As long as the voodoo dolls are made by Apple I’m not worried. They’ll probably look fantastic but conk out 1 month after the end of the warranty.

  26. WoAi says:

    @James – All I will say is Microsoft really hit an all time low with the release of Vista and have worked hard to replace it with Windows 7 which is basically a copy of Mac OSX. So go ahead and upgrade to Window 7 and enjoy the simplicity we’ve been enjoying for almost a decade.

    @Dingle – Who’s going to be the 0.01?

    @DavidA – I would stick another pin in my Swiss doll but unfortunately I smashed it up with a hammer and burnt it a few weeks ago.

  27. jeffwho says:

    I like to see fanboys poking at each other, so keep going…

    WoAi – I think Dingle means without Swiss, the podcast would upgrade to a better version.

  28. Miss Jane says:

    Hey I know Giuseppe! He makes Italia shoes too!

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