Wash Day


Here’s something you don’t see everyday in England – a washing line with some very sexy underwear being hung out to dry, along with er, a duck carcass and a few pieces of lean pork!  (Photo taken by a friend of mine)

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4 Responses to Wash Day

  1. emily says:

    It scares me that that carcass is meticulously preserved. I wonder what it’s next incarnation is.

  2. Woaizhongguo says:

    Emily, Chinese cooking in general is different to western cooking in that things are often preserved whole or in large pieces, like roast suckling pig or even chicken which is often served with the head. I think it’s because the Chinese are far less squeemish that westerners about things like that.

    I don’t know what it’ll come back as, but if it comes back as anything other than a human being, it’s going to get eaten again!

    Oh by the way, there’s no apostrophe in “its” :-)

  3. Ben says:


    Good point. We preserve stuff in the West, but going along with our general custom, we don’t want to know what it is, so we grind it up first (i.e. sausage). Many westerners think that we don’t eat organs like the Chinese, but that’s just because they’ve never taken a visit to the sausage factory.

  4. Woaizhongguo says:

    Well it’s interesting that many westerners are disgusted by some of the things Chinese people eat, but in England we eat black pudding made from blood, liver, kidneys (steak and kidney pies), tongue is available in any supermarket (conveniently sliced into squares), jellied eels is again a very English delicacy, etc. At the end of the day it’s what you’re used to. We’re conditioned to accept that eating a chicken is okay but why is it more okay than eating a cat (not that I would eat cat, but you see my point).

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