Marbella vs Shanghai

Marbella, southern Spain, early June 2008 – sunny, blue skies, 22 degrees celcius.

Shanghai, late June 2008 – Pissing down with rain for the last 3 to 4 weeks, forgotten already what the sun looks like, shoes and suit soaked through, another pair of shoes ruined.

It’s rained so much that parts of the city are flooding and more rain is expected from Friday, just in time for the weekend.  Perfect.  The only piece of good news, the silver lining if you like, is that tomorrow is Fashion Friday!

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11 Responses to Marbella vs Shanghai

  1. wisemanofasia says:

    You think you got problems me old son, you should see Beijing! Its been cloudy and polluted for at least 4 weeks, and it has rained on and off the whole time too. Thing is where as usually the rain clears the air, the pollution has reached a level where nothing will clear it! Its just cough cough cough all day every day!

  2. Matt Erickson says:

    Fashion Friday! (I capitalize it like I would Christmas, because it’s that important)

    I am waiting with baited breath!

    and to actually comment on this posting….yesterday was BEAUTIFUL even though there wasn’t much sun. I am not complaining because if I remember correctly last year at this time it was about 5 degrees warmer. I’ll take getting wet from the rain over walking out the door and sweating through my clothes instantly.

  3. Woaizhongguo says:

    Wiseman – Fair enough. I was in Beijing on Monday (day trip) and the weather was lovely when I landed (although yes, thunder and lightening and black sky followed and my flight was delayed 3 hours).

    Matt – Thanks for the Friday Fashion comment, no pressure on me then …. and yes, you’re right, I should not complain. Soon we’ll be at the height of summer, living in a 24 hour furnace, with no escape for at least 2 months. But I’d still like to see the sun sometime!

  4. Rita says:

    Totally!! Where has the sun gone??? it’s actually not funny cuz studies show that pleasant weather is related to higher mood, better memory and broadend mind.. get away from Shanghai for the moment if you don’t wanna suffer from depression or amnesia…

  5. Rita says:

    and Yes Peter only your Fashion Friday brightens the sky now..

  6. Matt Erickson says:

    There’s even a disease/disorder for the reason people get depressed in the winter when the days are shorter (or in Shanghai’s case when the smog doesn’t lift for weeks on end) It’s called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
    You see it a lot in areas that are farther north (think Iceland and Alaska)
    Monty Don the famous British gardener and TV presenter is a SAD spokesperson.

  7. Woaizhongguo says:

    Rita – You also bring sunshine wherever you go!

    Matt – That is amazing. How on earth do you know Monty Don? And how did you know about SAD? And can I use SAD as a defense in court after a brutally stab to death that guy behind me on the plane last week after he bumped into me every single time I stopped when we were getting off the plane? Sorry judge, I was SAD!

    Did you know a photographers lightbox is known to help relieve this disorder?

  8. Matt Erickson says:

    I left the treatment part out but yes. they recommend spending 15 minutes a day first thing in the morning with your face stuck in a photographers light box. I’m an American so i would just ask for pills. :-) We do love our pills.

    There have also recently been studies that say that doing this helps to alleviate jetlag, it helps regulate your body’s melatonin to reset your sleep schedule.

    You may be SAD but i think that if you lobby to get a judge that has flown internationally to or from China all you will have to do is tell him what happened. You may even get a medal.
    If he’s anything like me he dreams of bringing a baseball bat or similar blunt object to bludgeon those travelers on-board who stand up when their not supposed to and those that try to pass a full sized set of luggage as a carry on, taking up all the space and leaving me to sit for 14 hours with my SMALL carry on in my lap.

  9. Woaizhongguo says:

    A lightbox may help but I always believe there’s not many ailments that can’t be cured by getting laid by a hot Asian babe, but maybe that’s just me!

    Don’t get me started on aviation rage. That’s a whole separate blog post!

  10. no wonder HSBF manages to travel so much and not be adversely affected! =D

  11. Woaizhongguo says:

    LOL @ Angie, good to know your man is well looked after in that department!

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