Party Time, Excellent

Pink means holiday, grey means we have to work on a weekend day

Every year I complain about the ridiculously complex holiday schedules and 2010 I have to say was the worst ever. The 2011 schedule actually looks fairly reasonable by comparison, so perhaps the committee that decides these things reads my blog.

Spring Festival is of course a 7 day holiday but we will need to work the Sunday before and the Saturday after to compensate. May holiday is just one day now and October is the second 7 day break we’ll be getting.

So there you go. Get on the phone to your trusty travel agent and get your holidays booked before all the seats sell out!

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7 Responses to Party Time, Excellent

  1. KingBadger says:

    WoAi’s World, Party Time, Excellent!

    “Well I used to have around five women a day during the holiday mating season,” claims legendary Shanghai socialite WoAi, “but now it’s only two or three. I had to cut back after the Party accused me of monopolising the Shanghai hotties. In a free-romance system, the babes naturally gravitate towards the hunkiest males, so the Party just needs to accept my status as numero uno. My eighty-seventh child is due to be delivered next week, but I still have plenty of energy for more.”

  2. Rich says:

    That schedule looks far too simple to follow compared to this years.

  3. KingBadger says:

    Ladders and “Dating Master” have appeared from nowhere on the leaderboard. I thought WoAi was the Dating Master!

  4. Miss Jane says:

    What do you do for April’s holiday? Where would be a good place to go to avoid crowds?

  5. yup, just like a true dating master I come out of nowhere and swoop in for the kill. Sorry for coming out of the wood work like that, I just got into a “comment groove” on this site yesterday. What can I say, I love China!

  6. WoAi says:

    @KingBadger – “Legendary Shanghai socialite” – LOL, I quite like that label and you’re pretty much spot on except I’ve had to cut down on the babes not because of Party pressure but my advancing years!

    @Miss Jane – It’s tomb sweeping festival so I think you’ll be fine as long as you stay away from tombs.

    @Dating Master – Yes, I have to admit I thought you were a spam bot and was about to do a mass delete until I read some of your comments and it became apparent you’re a real person. I’m not so sure about that Ladders chap!

  7. Yon says:

    This is absolute insanity… though I wish the US had cool week long holidays… especially ones named “tomb-sweeping festival”. I’d work a weekend for that.

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