Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Text from BA yesterday morning to tell me the flight was cancelled

So Sunday, Monday and Tuesday’s flights were all cancelled. BA don’t fly on Wednesday to London from SH and Thursday’s flight not surprisingly, is fully booked. So I’ve managed to book myself on to Friday’s flight which gets me home on Christmas eve night, JUST in time for the big day. It means I get just over a week in London instead of the 2 weeks I had planned, but the important thing is I get to see my family and share Christmas with them, assuming no more snow hits London in the next two days.

Of course it’s not just me and it’s not just air travel that’s been affected. The Eurostar service from Paris to London has had big delays, as has the British rail network and of course the roads aren’t in good shape either – a friend of mine took 12 hours to drive from London to York yesterday.

And it’s not just The UK. I have friends stranded in Paris and Frankfurt to name a few as well as a cousin who’s waiting to fly to HK from London.

So all in all it’s a nightmare and for many, this Christmas is a write off. I’m still hoping mine isn’t!

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  1. I’m really holding my thumbs for you…in Sweden it will be snowing hard for two days more…so let’s hope it’s only in sweden and not in UK.

    Im planning to go to London in end of Jan, hope it’s all over by then.

  2. WoAi says:

    Thanks Shopgirl. There is more snow forecast for Christmas eve which is the day I am scheduled to fly back!

  3. Dingle says:

    I finally made it back by bus!
    Mark’s stuck in amsterdam too apparently, add him to your list!

  4. Dingle says:

    Frankfurt sorry

  5. Kim C says:

    WoAi – So sorry to hear the flight is canceled again. You may want to rethink the lamb chops. Hopefully, everything will be moving in time for Christmas Eve and you will arrive before Father Christmas makes his rounds. Funny how he never has a problem with the snow, guess he’s not flying BA…

    Dingle – Glad to hear you are back ok, hope the rest of you trip goes well.

    Swiss – What are you doing coming down from the frozen North? You know we soft Southerners have no idea how to deal with the snow, so be careful out there.

    To anyone else that is stuck due to the weather, I hope things get back to normal and you make it home safely.

    WoAi – How is Tommy? Is he talking to you, or is he still miffed you messed up his week with Teddy?

  6. wancestyle says:

    WoAi, on the positive side, the day after your arrival will be Boxing Day. So you can get some good-for-the-soul retail therapy! By the way, I wasn’t hiding. I was just extradicted from China to England after being found guilty of infringing intellectual property rights.

  7. swiss james says:

    Kim C- I’ll be in Reading on Boxing Day, trying to fathom out the slippery southern speech.

    I’m holding my thumbs for you too WoAi. Holding them real tight.

  8. Miss Jane says:

    Good luck with your flights and safe travels! I didn’t know there’s Boxing Day in the United Kingdoms. Great and crazy sales?

  9. WoAi says:

    @Dingle – I was going to say, how come Debbie is in Frankfurt and Mark is in Amsterdam!

    @Kim C – Yes, things are moving again. The snow isn’t even the main story in the news today. Tommy’s still grumpy, yes. But he has big plans for tomorrow night so even if my flight is cancelled I’ll probably just stay at the airport overnight.

    @Wancestyle – Whatever the reason it’s nice to have you back. But shame on you for stealing Chinese IP!

    @Swiss – Can you hold Emma’s thumbs too just to be sure!

    @Miss Jane – Boxing Day comes from England not Canada! A few hundred years ago the poor often had to work on Christmas day and were given the next day off and their bosses would prepare a Christmas box for them as a gift on that day. It’s got nothing to do with retailers offering price cuts!

  10. T. says:

    When I was transiting through the Hong Kong Airport yesterday, I saw the Quantas flight for LHR queueing up – so they at least got to head to London.

  11. Miss Jane says:

    Thanks for the history lesson. It’s so crazy here for Boxing Day! I can’t even check out any products online right now as everyone is getting ready for big sales on Sat!

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