Pet Elevator Peeves, part 2

Well, if you were observant, you would have noticed that my top 5 pet lift peeves (previous post) were only four, with number 2 repeated again at number 5. That’s because I forgot what the fifth peeve was and anyone who’s spent more than 15 minutes living in China knows that 4 is a very unlucky number as it sounds similar to the word for death in Chinese.

But my good mate and almost as good a blogger as me, Swiss James, reminded me what the firth peeve was: yes it is people who go from the 4th floor to the 5th floor in the elevator. They literally wait for around 5 minutes for the lift to arrive. It takes longer for the doors to open and close than it would for them to walk up about 4 steps, but no, it has to be the lift.

Meanwhile, the other 50 people in the lift going from the ground floor to the 28th floor have to endure these extra two stops to allow YOU to avoid shedding a couple of calories, you lazy bugger!

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2 Responses to Pet Elevator Peeves, part 2

  1. CP says:

    We recently expanded our office, and now have space on two adjacent floors in our building. I don’t think I need to say any more…

  2. Woaizhongguo says:

    And I bet when he’s not waiting for an elevator from the 31st to 30th floor, he’s on QQ / Windows Messenger / Facebook / Sina.Com or having a well earned nap.

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