Are You “Trenta” Killa Me With Caffeine?

In coffee news, Starbucks has decided to reinforce its quantity over quality approach to coffee by announcing the introduction (in America, where else!) of their new “trenta” cup size which is big enough to swim in at almost a litre in size. Imagine, a litre cup of coffee. You could almost open a small Starbucks shop inside one of these cups!

Like the 20 ounce Venti (meaning 20 in Italian), Trenta is an Italian word meaning 30, representing the 30 ounces of coffee (actually 31) you get in the new sized cup. Why they use Italian words is a mystery to me. I’ve been to Italy and the coffee there bears no similarity to the stuff they peddle at Starbucks.

In addition to the new giant sized portion, Starbucks has also made quite a big change to their logo, the first change since 1992. Interestingly, they’ve removed the word “coffee” which I think reflects their intention to branch out to other businesses such as beer and ice cream. Fair enough I suppose, but I’m not sure removing the word Starbucks as well is a wise move. The logo seems a bit naked without any wording at all. But who am I to question the marketing genius that is Howard Schultz. After all, Nike don’t need to write Nike next to their swoosh!

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30 Responses to Are You “Trenta” Killa Me With Caffeine?

  1. Dingle says:

    talking of naked, their original logo looks she’s got hold of her ankles and going “WAHEY, HAVE A LOOK AT THIS!!”

  2. WoAi says:

    @Dingle – And you can see her bare boobs. I think it was a mistake to get rid of that!

  3. Dingle says:

    their logo is basically a sailor’s tattoo

  4. WoAi says:

    Well that sort of makes sense since the name Starbucks comes from a character from the novel, Moby Dick.

  5. Dingle says:

    really? I thought it was from Battlestar Galactica

  6. WoAi says:

    You might be right Dingle. Did they have Battlestar Galactica in 1971?

  7. swiss james says:

    There’s a great Onion article about Starbucks closing down all of their coffee shops and refusing to say why other than that they are entering “Phase 2″.,416/

    Those Venti cups are an outrage already, god knows what a Trenta looks like. Surely that’s just in the US right?

  8. Kim C says:

    Based on their high pricing for, how much do you think a Trenti will cost?

    I think it should be called Pre-Trenti, since I find the whole Starbucks thing very pretentious. All those fancy Italian names and sizes. I just want a cup of bloody coffee for crying out loud. Well, actually that’s not true, since I don’t drink coffee. It makes me crazy, I dread to think how wired I would be on a Trenti.

  9. Kim C says:

    oops, sorry should have said Trenta!!

  10. WoAi says:

    @Swiss James – Yep, only in America! It really is silly. I think it’s because their coffee is so weak, you need 30 ounces to get the same amount of actual coffee you would normally get from an Italian espresso.

    @Kim C – Well the trenta will be 50 cents more than the Venti which is currently the largest size available. It looks like they’re in a bit of a price war with McDonalds who now sell frapps, smoothies and cappuccinos and have a 32 ounce sweet tea drink that they sell for a mere dollar. The trenta interestingly is slightly larger than the average human stomach!

  11. Shopgirl says:

    I hate the new logo!!!!!!!!
    The old one looks like à stamp symbolizing good Quality and its sophistication… But now it just looks silly

  12. Julie says:

    The names are Italian because Starbucks’ founder began selling coffee instead of coffee beans after a trip to Milan. I learned that from my business textbook, haha.

  13. T. says:

    The trenta won’t be for most drinks – I think just a handful of the iced drinks. They’re not selling 31oz coffees.

  14. Hopfrog says:

    You can also now pay for it with your iPhone

    As far as all the Italian wording. I believe it stems from the frequent use of latte (Italian for milk) when identifying coffees with milk. I supposed they figured they would just stick with Italian.

  15. WoAi says:

    @T – Yes, only the iced drinks. Maybe they’re trying to compete with Slurpees.

    @Julie, @Hopfrog – I think it’s because latte, espresso and cappuccino all are Italian inventions.

  16. CP says:

    This would make a good (if somewhat dull) “Have I Got News For You” -style Spot the Difference competition:

    A because it’s brown
    D because it says “TM” not “(R)”
    A because you can see her tits


    Sorry, couldn’t think of anything else to add to this. I usually get “Tall” size because that’s about as much as I can drink before the coffee goes cold. Or maybe this is a strategy to get more money out of people who go to Starbucks for one drink and spend the entire afternoon in the place?

  17. Rich says:

    Lol did someone say the previous logo suggested sophistication? That’s the funniest thing I read in a while.

  18. swiss james says:

    I know it’s not classy, but I’m still a really big fan of the mocha. Skinny grande with an extra shot. It’s a grown-up hot milkshake that makes my eyes ping open for 40 minutes.

  19. Dingle says:

    I still like Caramel Machiatto’s!! Someone once said “the more complicated the coffee the bigger the ****”, I think I prove this wrong.

  20. Rich says:

    @ Swiss – splashing hot coffee on your face will have that effect.

    @ Dingle – I’ve been tricked into having that drink before. Only in Starbucks do you have to order a machiato by asking for an espresso machiato. Now, to avoid any misunderstanding I precede my order with the phrase “read my lips…” Works a treat. Also gets me extra foam tho.

  21. WoAi says:

    @CP – Thanks, I thought it was just me being a slow drinker. I never finish even a tall size. It literally takes me about an hour. Imagine me with the trenta. I’d be old and grey before I finished it.

    @Swiss James – It’s not really about class, but mocha is basically chocolate so it’s a tad sweet for my liking, but nobody’s judging you here.

    @Dingle – First James with his mocha (still not judging!) and now you with your caramel machiatto. I have to draw the line somewhere and say THAT’S NOT COFFEE! Try asking for one next time you’re round at mine and you’ll quickly be shown the door!

    @Rich – Yes, I remember asking for a machiatto once in Starbucks and the guy picked up a massive cup. Good grief. And they call themselves baristas!

  22. Kevin says:

    “Interestingly, they’ve removed the word “coffee” which I think reflects their intention to branch out to other businesses such as beer and ice cream”

    Perhaps it just reflects their growth in non-English-speaking markets?

  23. Rich says:

    If you’ve ever been to the movies in N. America you’ll be familiar with the buckets of soda & popcorn.

  24. T. says:

    @WoAi – but if I had just come over to your place, surely I’d know where the door already was.

  25. Yon says:

    I find it interesting that the mermaid gets skinnier over the years…
    Also, I’m an obese American, and even I don’t think I can stomach all that trenta-sized joe. I’ll report back when my local spot starts serving!

  26. WoAi says:

    @Rich – Yes, I’ve seen the buckets of which you speak, but they just call them cups!

    @T – Huh?

    @Yon – Please do report back ideally with a photo. And I don’t think you’re obese, I think you’re just perfect!

  27. T. says:

    @WoAi – When I come into your apartment, I would have to use the door. So I wouldn’t need to be shown to where it was.

  28. Wow, they started in 1971? Just shows you how long it takes to really make it big lol

  29. WoAi says:

    @T – What door? Are you in the wrong thread???

    @Dating Master – To be fair they’ve been big for quite some time!

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