Cold Caturday

The slither of red you see in the picture is part of the label of an FCUK tee shirt that’s covering Tommy. It doesn’t have a caption but if it did it would say “Too Cold To FCUK”.

Summer can’t come soon enough for Tommy and I. Have a warm weekend everyone!

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8 Responses to Cold Caturday

  1. KingBadger says:

    Tommy dreams of a Singapore lounge-pad with south-facing super-size windows and bird-tables on the veranda for optimum chick-watching potential.

    Tommy: Summer every day, WoAi. Think about it. Get transferred to Singapore. They have babes too, btw.

    WoAi: Crikey!

  2. Kim C says:

    I agree with Tommy. I am not stepping foot outside until the weather warms up, say in April or May. I hate winter, it is so bloody miserable.

    Moving to Singapore sounds like a awesome idea.

    BTW: Tommy is so cute and he looks so cozy. I hope he has a belly full of salmon courtesy of your 2010 bonus.

  3. Rich says:

    And if the weather isn’t hot enough for you in Singapore, a nice bowl of laksa should warm you up a treat.

  4. WoAi says:

    @KingBadger – My problem with Singapore is the thick accent which I find very hard to listen too. Cannot la! Yes, as you say the weather is hot all year round and things are a lot easier there in many ways, but I like the challenge that China presents.

    @Kim C – It wasn’t THAT big a bonus!

    @Rich – Laksa, yum!

  5. KingBadger says:

    @WoAi – when you say “things are a lot easier” in Singapore, do you mean that hot babes are easier to pick up than in Shanghai?

  6. WoAi says:

    @KingBadger – Obviously for someone as successful as myself it’s easy everywhere, but in general no, I meant Singapore is less challenging for expatriates because English is the default language and there are much less issues with censorship etc and western media is easily accessible. China is certainly more challenging.

    As for the girls, it’s widely know Singaporean girls are far from easy to pick up as they tend to demand the 4 Cs (car, credit card, condo, club membership). There are of course exceptions.

  7. Love the random cat posts you put up. Releives the stress during a long day at work.

  8. WoAi says:

    @Dating Master – That’s what Caturday is there for! Glad you like it.

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