Little Ferrari Driving Prince

I was searching on YouTube for my friend Hannah’s moving rendition of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On (evidence that expats should be forced to take a singing test before being allowed into karaoke) when I came across this footage of a young boy sitting on his father’s lap driving a Ferrari on a Shanghai highway. The footage was obviously taken by some horrified Hong Kong people. From the commentary, you can hear them expressing their utter horror on witnessing this incredible scene. I think I’ve been in China too long though as I find it only mildly surprising.

The little prince phenomenon has been widely discussed and is a product of the one child policy which has been in force since the 1980s and has meant that children are often spoiled because parents are only permitted to have one child.

I can certainly imagine this young man in ten years time driving home in the Mercedes that his daddy bought for him after a night of heavy drinking at Babyface!

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