My Door’s Always Open

This is the door to my office. Well, it used to be. We moved office today. The move was necessitated by our rapid expansion. When I first started out in 1999, there were 4 of us. The new office has 6 meeting rooms of various sizes and capacity for 65.

I’m actually very excited about out new office. It’s in the same building but we’ve moved from the 6th floor with now view whatsoever, to the top (28th) floor with stunning views of the Huangpu River and the Bund. If you’ve ever been to M1NT club, our building is right next to M1NT, so the view is identical.

The down side is that for the first time in over 10 years, I don’t have an office. It’s part of the growing trend for open plan offices. It’s not a big deal. In some ways it’s going to be nice to be sitting with everyone else, but I will miss my own door with my name on it.

I was thinking how ironic it is that this kind of office design is very common in western companies (at our London office, the MD sits at a desk like everyone else), while in Chinese companies, I don’t think it would ever happen – the big boss sitting at a desk with his staff. And yet isn’t it China that’s the communist country where people are supposed to be equal, not the western countries.

Anyway, at least now I can say to my staff, come talk to me any time, my door is always open for you!

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27 Responses to My Door’s Always Open

  1. anthony says:

    great! – now how are you going to keep all the girls away ? – lol

  2. Karyn says:

    good move using your alias on the door..imagine the pandemonium if they knew the legendary Woai was in their midst! :)

  3. T. says:

    Who is this Peter Lee chap you’re always going on about?

  4. WoAi says:

    @Anthony – Who says I want to keep the girls away!

    @Karyn – Well naturally I have to use an alias or as you say, I’d never get any work done. Mama didn’t raise no fool!

    @T – He’s a friend of that Terence Lau chap!

  5. i HATED the open floor plan. i just moved offices and though i’m not in an office with a door, i have the biggest space 80% of the time to myself! =D

  6. T. says:

    @WoAi – LOSERS, the both of them.

  7. WoAi says:

    @Angie – can we have a photo, with you in it of course! I’ll let u know next week how it feels. I’m actually on holiday today until Tuesday night.

    @T – that’s a bit harsh, but I have to agree!

  8. brunch says:

    Where do you work?

  9. KingBadger says:

    @brunch – WoAi is PR manager for an up-and-coming young singer named Rebecca Black. I have a feeling she’s going to be huge.

  10. WoAi says:

    @KingBadger – Yes, indeed. It’s not an easy job by any means. And can I just remind everyone that it’s FRIDAY, FRIDAY …. FUN FUN FUN … LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND!

  11. IC says:

    “And yet isn’t it China that’s the communist country where people are supposed to be equal, not the western countries”

    People alway look for what they lack. This might explain why communist ideology was so appealing in China in the first place. This is really going back `old China’ with current situation.

  12. Bittermelon says:

    To plagiarize another writer: everyone is equal in China, except some are more equal than others.

  13. KingBadger says:

    The open-plan offices that are popular in the West will give the illusion of equality, while the underlings still get paid much less than those at the top. It’s good psychology I suppose, making things look all equal on the surface. Image is important.

    @Bittermelon – technically you’re not plagiarising, since you are acknowledging that you are using another writer’s words. Plagiarism is using someone else’s words and not acknowledging it.

  14. Miss Jane says:

    If you have one of those loungy type of couch where you can lie down half way and talk about the worries of life and personal issues then I am so there with a bottle of Baileys. Are you open for a 1145 appt?

  15. WoAi says:

    @IC – So rich people are looking to be poor? I don’t think so.

    @Bittermelon – Ah yes, good old Animal Farm.

    @KingBadger – Yes indeed, I do get paid more. And my desk is actually 4 inches longer than the underlings, FTW!

    @Miss Jane – I’m open but I don’t drink Baileys. Bring some hard liquor then we have a deal!

  16. KingBadger says:

    @WoAi – those extra 4 inches make all the difference when it comes to impressing scantily-clad ladies at 1AM.

  17. Bittermelon says:

    @KingBadger: size don’t matter, right?

  18. Miss Jane says:

    What is your ideal hard liquore? 151? Do you take cohiba with it?

  19. WoAi says:

    @KingBadger, @Bittermelon – I’ve never had any complaints in that department!

    @Miss Jane – I have been know to partake of a nice whisky and a Cohiba IV from time to time.

  20. Miss Jane says:

    Ok I’ll meet you here and I’ll bring my cohiba collection.

  21. Stimpy says:

    Have you moved yet? How is it slumming with the plebs?

  22. IC says:

    @IC – So rich people are looking to be poor? I don’t think so.

    I don’t think so either. Rich people are the enemy of communist revolution.

  23. Yon says:

    I hope you have one of those standing name signs. Otherwise, NO ONE will know who you are in your 65 employee office!

  24. WoAi says:

    @Stimpy – I’m actually quite liking it, truth be told. Less isolated.

    @Yon – I’m working on the name sign, thanks for the tip!

    @Miss Jane – It’s a date!

  25. Anne says:

    I need to get your new office address so I can send you stuff.

  26. WoAi says:

    @Anne – Same as before but room 2801 instead of 601.

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