Caturday Triptych

Hui Hui's first triptych

Having pets is not for those with a weak heart. Sudden noises in the night are common, as is the feeling something has just brushed against your leg while you’re eating dinner. And of course, the strange moving bag as illustrated above. The bag takes on a life of its own and starts moving around. Then you realise your mischievous cat has climbed inside the bag.

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4 Responses to Caturday Triptych

  1. CP says:

    Tommy tried to hide Huihui in a carrier bag?

  2. WoAi says:

    @CP – Yes, I think he was hoping we’d take out Hui Hui with the rubbish!

  3. Yon says:

    It has been quite a long stay. When does she go back home?

  4. WoAi says:

    @Yon – Yes, the owner has promised to collect her very soon, but has also given me the option of keeping her if I want as he can see I am providing a much better environment than a restaurant / bar which is where Hui Hui was living before. I am struggling to make a decision though as it’s a lot of work and I am very sleep deprived by her morning antics.

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