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I was in Beijing yesterday and stayed in a very new, but very Chinese hotel in the CBD (Central Business District). The style of management is of course very different to western chains such as Hilton or Hyatt and an example is the bewildering range of products that are available for purchase in the guest rooms.


In this case, I am not sure which is more bizarre – the vibrating condom or the bear which I can only assume is for lonely business travellers who aren’t really in the mood for the in room massage but nevertheless need some company to get through the long lonely night!


And of course, no stay is complete without a good workout to maintain that six pack you’ve spent months to perfect, and why bother going all the way to the hotel gym when you have a treadmill in the elevator lobby of every floor!

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  1. Matt Erickson says:

    You know i don’t know how many times i wished i could jump on a treadmill while waiting for the elevator…….How come i never thought of that?

  2. CP says:

    It’s a very good idea – you can train to run fast enough to get inside the elevator before those inside have had a chance to get out.

  3. Swiss James says:

    I love how the fruit juice is tacked on as an afterthought.

    Surely though, the condom vibrates at the base to provide some much needed stimulation to the bored prostitute? And how would you translate the Chinese next to Woman / Man refiend oil?!

  4. Woaizhongguo says:

    @Matt: That’s why you’re not in hotel management!

    @Chas: Yes, exactly, a sort of warm up area before the real games begin.

    @James: I’m not sure why you naturally associate the use of condoms with hookers (bored or not). I’m not a big fan of rubber products, but I’ve been known to use them, even with non-hookers! As for the translation of refined oil, I’m afraid I’ve no idea and suggest you do what you always do in these situations: ask Emma!

  5. You freaking bought one????????????????????
    didn’t know you were that desperate

  6. Woaizhongguo says:

    @Shopgirl – No, I didn’t buy it, just took a photo of it in the room.

  7. Swiss James says:

    Shopgirl- a bit of WD40 should fix your keyboard

  8. Woaizhongguo says:

    @Swiss James – Our phone at home has the same problem. I dial the “1″ and it gets stuck – really annoying – so thanks for the little WD40 tip.

  9. dingle says:

    I see that mouthrinse is no longer available, I’m not sure what to make of that. Either:
    a) blowjobs are going out of fashion in Beijing
    b) they’ve successfully rebranded their mouthrinse as fruit juice and put the price up by 3rmb.

    The availability of a small bear in every room is interesting though, presumably they’re piped up to supply fresh bile to hotel guests that feel under the weather?

  10. Woaizhongguo says:

    Well apparently the ladies usually bring their own mouthwash … according to my mate Wiggy who knows about these things!

  11. dingle says:

    this explains a lot, did you notice that Wiggy always carries half a litre of mouthwash with him

  12. Woaizhongguo says:

    Dingle, halitosis is not something to be mocked!

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