Apple’s Latest Product Revealed

There’s strong speculation that Apple’s next big product will be a TV of some kind. But that’s all just a diversion and I can tell you all now that the next big thing from Apple is in fact … the Apple iPhone gas cooker.

Cool features include being able to turn on the cooker with any iDevice, so you will be able to cook an entire meal without getting off your sofa. And of course, it can be programmed to call (or text / iMessage) your husband when the stir fried vegetables are ready! It comes in 32 or 64GB versions and is wifi enabled. Free engraving will also be offered for that personal touch (a pity Valentine’s day has already passed!).

These will be available at an Apple store near you from March, but WoAi predicts demand will be high, so start lining up now!

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9 Responses to Apple’s Latest Product Revealed

  1. IC says:

    My reaction is lol.

  2. Rich says:

    Loving the second pic. Is he ordering you to buy one?

  3. IC says:

    Second pic depicting officer from court showing evidence to reporter. Do not mess with him. He can send you to jail.

  4. Heinrich says:

    i’ll take a dozen

  5. wisemanofasia says:

    Were did you take these pics Woai? It all looks very cloak and dagger…

  6. Stimpy says:

    It’s all just dumb. I’d have loved to have been in that meeting where they decided on the name. Where do they find these people?

  7. WoAi says:

    @Rich – Yes, these images are part of the award winning ad campaign from the small boutique agency, Stirling Cooper Draper Price. Sales have been brisk as many naive people believe they are being ordered to buy one by the party – pretty ingenious!

    @Wiseman – I’ve linked to the source in the post. I never pass of other people’s work as my own. That would be very naughty!

    @Heinrich – Are you opening a restaurant? Anyway, sales are limited to two units per customer to ensure everyone gets one.

    @Stimpy – There’s no meeting, Steve Jobs decides and then it’s done, LOL!

  8. Heinrich says:

    @WoAi: Only 2 per customer? What if I hire someone to ‘make it worth your while’ ?

  9. CP says:

    Shame this didn’t hit the shelves – I’m sure there would be one idiot out there who would get third degree burns to his face when trying to use it as a cooking device and phone simultaneously!

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