Caturday Feeding

Firstly I’d like to wish all my readers back in Ireland and very happy St Patricks day. I’ll be sipping a pint of Guinness somewhere a little later no doubt.

No photo today, just a bit of live action feeding time footage to mix it up a bit. If you have a keen eye you’ll notice they have different types of food. Tommy’s is for obese weight control and Hui Hui’s food is for young cats. The other rather shocking revelation is that Hui Hui is almost as big as Tommy. I guess it won’t belong before I won’t have to have separate types of food for each of them!

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3 Responses to Caturday Feeding

  1. Heinrich says:
    Who are the ladies in your flat, WoAi? And why are they not speaking the Queen’s English?

  2. Rich says:

    Haha Tommy nodding to Angie Martinez, love it!

  3. WoAi says:

    @Heinrich – If you have a cute cat you will find that your house often gets filled with attractive young ladies. Well, that’s been my experience at least! I don’t actually know who they are , Tommy invited them over while I was at work.

    @Rich – If I could go ….

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