Eatliz @ JUE Music + Art Festival

The 4th JUE music and art festival has been running since 9th March in Beijing and Shanghai. For those of you who are tired of the same old routine of cocktails on the Bund, why not try catching some of the festival before it closes on 25th of this month.

One of the bands featuring in the festival is Eatliz, an art rock band from Israel. They’ll be performing at Yuyintang next weekend with two local acts, Yourboyfriendsucks! (from Guangzhou) and Battle Cattle (from Shanghai). According to one of the band members, Guy, “besides its artful music, Eatliz is putting great emphasis on staging. Combined with special video art, this makes Eatliz’s shows a unique audio-visual experience”.

If you’re not in Shanghai, Eatliz will also be touring several other Chinese cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Changsha and Nanjing so look out for them at a concert hall near you (see schedule here)! You’ll notice from the schedule flyer that they’re also working with young, talented Chinese artist Yan Wei.

WoAi briefly interviewed the band last week to find out a bit more about them ahead of their debut Shanghai appearance:

WoAi: How would you describe your music and who are your major influences?

Eatliz : Eatliz is like having the best sauna of your life, and then running into a cold shower. It’s bi-polar music that deviously melts prog, metal, surf, punk, Indie and you name into a pop melody. All six members comes from a different music background, which fits our music; For example Guy grew up on a diet of Pixies, Lush and Melvins, Or grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and Steve vai, Lee listened to a lot of classical and Celtic music.

WoAi: Will this be your first appearance in China?

Eatliz: Yes. So far we toured Eurpe, Canada, USA and Israel which is where we are based. This is our debut Asian tour and we are really excited it managed to include so many cities and a major festival, this way we can get the sense and culture of China’s different sides.

WoAi: What made you decide to participate in the JUE festival / tour Chinese cities?

Eatliz: We were invited to play at JUE and we were much honored to get this invitation. The concept of JUE is really cool since it gives the focus to alternative music plus art, which is exactly what we do in Eatliz. We combine music with visual art and created this whole world for Eatliz. Once we knew will we play at JUE both in Beijing and Shanghai, our Asian partners Panda artist management, which also connected us to JUE, built us this great all-China tour.

WoAi: What’s your view of the rock scene in China given that foreign bands have not had too much exposure to Chinese audiences until quite recently?

Eatliz: Upon getting the invitation to perform at JUE we were curious about the Chinese music scene, since honestly we didn’t know a thing about
it. It rarely gets enough press in the international music world so we didn’t even knew if such a scene exist. Digging after Chinese indie music we were exposed to the size of the music scene and the diverseness of it. It’s pretty cool to know there is an experimental scene going on and also lots of great rock acts that gets local supporters. X is Y, Muscle Snog, Ourself Besides Me and 8 eye spy are some of the cool stuff we discovered.

WoAi: How long have Eatliz been performing together?

Eatliz: We have been performing together since forming the band in 2001. For the past 4 years we’ve been touring internationally, after performing in every city, stage or festival in Israel. We think it’s important for bands to get their act together in their native country as much as they can, but the minute they feel they are ready – start touring abroad. Don’t wait 6 years like us!

WoAi: Where does the name Eatliz come from / what does it mean?

Eatliz: When Guy thought about a name for the band he wanted something bilingual. In Hebrew Eatliz means butcher shop and in English it has some sexual interpretation…

WoAi: Who are the band members?

Eatliz: There is a six of us; 3 guitar players: Or Bahir, Guy Ben Shetrit and Omer Hershman, Lee Triffon is the lead singer, Omry Hanegby on drums and Hadar Green on Bass. We all met in the intense music scene of Tel Aviv, which is a tiny city comparing to Chinese cities, but brings out talented and pensioned musicians that more and more have the urge to tour outside of Israel in the recent years.

WoAi: You may already have heard from my insanely popular podcasts that I’m quite a good singer myself and if you want, I’d be happy to be a surprise celebrity guest vocalist for you next weekend?

Eatliz: Erm, no thanks, we’re good!

So there you have it. If you fancy a unique audio-visual experience, head down to Yuyintang next Friday to enjoy a feast for the eyes and ears. And if you’re still not convinced, you can check out some of their videos here and here and more details of the JUE festival here.

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  1. CP says:

    They seem good… shame they’re playing in Beijing on a Sunday at the start of a seven-day working week though!

    Note sure I get the whole sauna-and-shower metaphor though.

  2. WoAi says:

    @Chas – Well clearly they’re no Bemused, but you know we have to get what we can in China! 7 day work week for you. I’m off to HK on Saturday for some much needed R&R. And maybe some shopping at the Apple store!

  3. Rich says:

    iPad 3?

  4. WoAi says:

    @Rich – Well you know it was just the other day I was using my iPad 2 and thinking “if only this were somehow faster and higher resolution and yet cost the same as the iPad 2″ so who knows!

  5. Bittermelon says:

    Be careful don’t get burned by the iP3.

  6. WoAi says:

    @Bittermelon – Have they been known to spontaneously combust?

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