Shanghai Through Fresh Eyes


My little brother and his friend Ben are visiting for two weeks, which is why the posts have dried up (again). It’s been full on nightlife action from the moment they landed last Friday, in a desperate attempt to cover all Shanghai has to offer in just 2 weeks.

I love showing newbies around and seeing Shanghai through their fresh eyes. Young Ben found it amazing that our taxi driver the other night kept falling asleep at every traffic light and had to be nudged when the lights turned green.

At one such stop light, Ben decided to take a photo to share with friends back home before waking him up and continuing our journey to the next bar.

I think I’ve been here too long. I didn’t see what all the excitement was about!

More on the antics of Rich and Ben will follow shortly, so stay tuned.

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10 Responses to Shanghai Through Fresh Eyes

  1. flutter-by says:

    I’m glad you eventually made the trip safe and sound.
    Have you heard about the 22/4 traffic accident which caused 14 died and 20 injured? That Shanghai bus driver used ice (meth), then only took a short nap in a netbar before he started the journey.
    This dude deserved a pepper spray shot. Don’t you keep one in your purse?

  2. Kari says:

    u r back here!hehe

  3. Kim C says:

    Hey, it’s good to see you back in action. Sounds like you boys are blazing quite a trail across Shanghai.
    Have fun and enjoy!

  4. wisemanofasia says:

    Its called working hard…something people in England don’t understand!

  5. WoAi says:

    @Flutter-by – Yes, my man purse contains everything the modern man might need. But seriously, horrific story.

    @Kari – Erm, yes. Thanks.

    @Kim C – You have no idea. I’m close to death after just the first week!

    @Wiseman – That’s not quite true. Many of the Chinese in England work very hard!

  6. Swiss James says:

    Would Ben prefer that he took his naps during the driving and was awake at the traffic lights?

  7. Hua Jing Li says:

    Shanghai is always a shock for new people. It s a place you either love ot hate. It is really sad abou the bus accident, but to be really honest it doesn’t surprise me. With so much fast growth regulations haven’t had time to be implement among ordinary people. Hopefully this accident maybe a wake up call for the government.


  8. Nelly says:

    I had a taxi driver last year in Bangkok who was literally falling asleep on the highway. After one particular swerve, which took us halfway into the next lane and into the path of another taxi, I decided I’d start talking non-stop to keep him awake. I’ve never been so glad to get into the downtown traffic jams where he had less chance of killing me!

  9. Lil bro says:

    During the two weeks we had a couple of interesting taxi rides. This guy falling asleep at the wheel wasn’t as scary as it sounds because each time he did nod off his foot landed squarely on the brake pedal. Had it been the accelerator that would have been a little different.

  10. WoAi says:

    @Swiss – I think Ben and most people would prefer he took his naps at night in bed!

    @Hua Jing Li – You stopped in mid-sentence! At what? By the way, your name is my name in reverse. In Chinese, my name is Li Jing Hua (李菁华).

    @Nelly – Your story is way scarier than ours. Suddenly China doesn’t seem that bad. I think Ben needs to pay a visit to Bangkok next. Keep safe.

    @Lil bro – Yes, lots of stories to tell the folks back in England I imagine.

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