Testing Caturday

Testing, testing ...

This was shot a week ago on the day of my birthday party. Was just testing the camera ahead of the big night and Tommy was a willing guinea pig.

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7 Responses to Testing Caturday

  1. Anthony says:

    i’m surprised Tommy hasn’t hopped on a plane and flown to Milan. Tommy on the catwalk -lol

  2. flutter-by says:

    Let me practise what I’ve learnt from “Lie to Me” – his extreme casual posture and contracted pupils indicated he was truly bored to be a guinea pig. Do you mind taking another photo when he is reading Playboy?

  3. WoAi says:

    @Anthony – Tommy’s too good for Milan!

    @Flutter-by – He was actually watching porn. I think you need to watch a bit more Lie To Me!

  4. Anthony says:

    @Woai agreed

    show Tommy how lucky he is – lol


  5. kingbadger says:

    “WoAi, Facebook was clearly massively overvalued @ $38 a share. Yawwwn. Buy @ $22 or under.”

    “Ok Tommy, anything you say.”

  6. WoAi says:

    @Kingbadger – Indeed the Facebook IPO was crazy. It dropped 11% on day 2 and another 9% yesterday (day 3). There’s just no way it’s worth one hundred billion dollars based on profits of one billion last year. I don’t understand how anyone with even the most basic knowledge of finance would think otherwise. My Apple stock is bouncing back though. I read that some people sold Apple to buy Facebook and are now trying to do a u-turn.

  7. balticninja says:

    Contrary to what his public image portrays, Tommy is a bad bastard in real cat.

    No offence.

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