Girls, Girls, Girls (And WoAi)

this blog is getting boring. first stocks
now this .. its time for a blog about
girls . lol

I try my best to bring intelligent and relevant China topics to my dear readers and for what? All I get are complaints that the topics are dull and it turns out all you all want is photos of girls. Well, okay then, here you go – some photos from Saturday night at a newly opened club called Eden.

Yiko, Jenny and Rita @ Eden

It seems to be a common occurrence – Chinese girls find foreign boyfriends, go to stay in the boyfriend’s home country for a while, then realise they miss the buzz of Shanghai and its vibrant nightlife more than they ever imagined. And so it was with one of my friends who has just come back from several months living in a suburb in San Francisco and all she wanted to do was partay!

WoAi with the girls @ Eden

I have to say the service and attitude at Eden is fantastic. None of the snottiness you sometimes get at some of Shanghai’s other clubs (yes, that means YOU Bar Rouge and M1NT). We had our own waiter who looked after us exclusively for the entire evening, mixing and pouring drinks, lighting our cigarettes and even moving our glasses around if we changed positions on the sofa! What I liked most was that it was busy but not overcrowded, so you can still exhale.

Oops, colour clash!

You can order individual bottles but they also have packages. On Saturday we went for the 2,300 RMB package which includes a bottle of Champagne, a bottle of Absolut Vodka and some jello shots. On a previous visit (with more people) we went for their 2,980 RMB package which included 2 bottles of Grey Goose plus a bottle of Champagne.

Jello Shots!

Ask for table “A1″ which is right by the stage where you can enjoy the various performances they put on throughout the night. I believe the place is more of a lounge bar in the earlier part of the week, turning more “clubby” from Wednesday night onwards. Wednesday is also ladies night, so free cocktails (Cosmos and Chocolate or Apple Martinis) from 9.30pm till midnight.

4/F, 760 Nanjing Xi Lu,
(near Shimen Er Lu)

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23 Responses to Girls, Girls, Girls (And WoAi)

  1. T. says:

    Girl Girls Girls?

    Or Girls Girls Girls.

  2. WoAi says:

    @T – Obviously I’m referring to Jigga Man! My favourite line : “Got this Chinese chick, had to leave her quick ’cause she kept bootleggin my shit”

    Hilarious stereotyping of all the different races.

  3. wisemanofasia says:

    Now we just need a football post….with girls in it!

  4. anthony says:

    now THAT’s more like it ! – lol
    thanks Woai !!!! – lol
    any numbers ? lol

  5. WoAi says:

    @Wiseman – With girls in it???

    @Anthony – They’re my friends, of course I have their numbers, thank you!

  6. c says:

    your blog in very interesting! keep up the good work. could you give your advice on places to eat/ clubs so i know where to go.

    i live in oz- it’s so boring… going back to china on monday! yehhhh

  7. Rita says:

    as I remembered, your photos in this blog usually were: girls(many of them)and cats. has this changed ? cuz this is the first time in maybe 2 years i returned to this blog.:-p cheers to that!

  8. WoAi says:

    @c – Yes I can give you advice on clubs and places to eat just search the food and nightlife categories.

    @Rita – Not so much about girls recently, just whatever comes to my attention. A lot is just good places I discover and want to share. Welcome back. Are you going to start reading again?

  9. anthony says:

    @Woai – and you should say ” .. and my name is Charlie ” – lol

  10. Heinrich says:

    Awwwwwwww yeah keep it up!

    Sorry for being distant, i’ve been starting my new life as an engineer in Norway, carefully planning on how to work my way into their Suzhou project. Oh and i kinda bought a house today aswell.

    PS. White chicks can be hot too, where are all your white chick friends?!

    PPS. How much did they pay you to put up this positive review of Eden?

  11. T. says:

    WoAi – you’re letting these questions flounder.

  12. WoAi says:

    @Heinrich – You’ve heard the term “once you go black, you never go back”? Well, once you go Asian, you never go Caucasian! Eden paid me my usual fee – a donation to Unicef!

    @T – Enough of the fish puns, for God’s Hake!

  13. T. says:

    So, what are you saying – you don’t want to talk about the bass in the speakers at Eden?

  14. WoAi says:

    @T – No I don’t. And I certainly won’t discuss all the jailbait that was floating around either!

  15. T. says:

    So you just want to talk about being there with your chum?

  16. Lil bro says:

    Eden was one of the clubs we went to on our first night in Shanghai. Nice place to hang out in. Great staff, but some of the clientele were a bit up on themselves. I sat on an adjoining sofa which was completely empty and some spoilt rich kid yelled at me that he’d paid a lot of money for his table and told me to move. Nice chap.

    Still we had a great night. And the lovely Jenny was a fantastic host.

  17. b says:

    How timely, I’m coming to Shanghai next month. Might even see you Woai with your bevy of so-called good looking girls.

  18. WoAi says:

    @Lil bro – He was just jealous because we had all the sexy bitches on our table and he was alone with his ice bucket.

    @b – Oh joy. Can’t wait to see you. Hang on. “So called good looking girls”? Oh we’ve been here before I am getting deja vu.

  19. b says:

    woai – Did we ever agree to disagree on this? I’m going to be in town for just under two weeks. When are the best nights for going out? Seriously though, it would be nice to catch you at one of these joints and talk Mad Men. Zou bisou bisou.

  20. WoAi says:

    @b – Yes, perhaps we did agree to disagree. Best line of that “zou bisou” scene was when Roger Stirling asks his wife “why don’t you sing like that?” and his wife replies “why don’t you look like him [Don]?”.

  21. T. says:

    No more puns? Haddock enough?

  22. WoAi says:

    @T – Yes, I thought that was the end of the fish puns, or as they say in France, Le Fin!

  23. T. says:

    You’re all conched out?

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