Pollution? What Pollution?

There are very few days when we have truly clear skies in Shanghai. It’s one of the things I miss. And one of the causes is of course pollution which can be pretty bad, although I understand Beijing has much worse problems.

Those nice people at the American embassy in Beijing have an app which you can install on your smartphone which will tell you the current status of the air quality (updated hourly) as measured from within the embassy grounds (and from their consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou).

The Chinese government produces its own air quality data but strangely, the measures often do not tally, and the Chinese figures are usually indicating a much better air quality measure. Because of the conflicting data the government has asked foreign embassies to stop publishing their own data.

Only the Chinese government is authorized to monitor and publish air quality information and data from other sources may not be standardized or rigorous – Wu Xiaoqing, vice environmental minister.

So who do we believe? Is the government manipulating air quality data to make everyone believe it’s not as bad as it really is? Or are the evil foreigners doing everything they can to embarrass China? All I know is some days I can barely see my had in front of my face and if that’s “good” air quality, then I’m Spiderman!

It really is a pity that so often in China, more effort goes to hiding something than to finding ways to solve the issue.

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11 Responses to Pollution? What Pollution?

  1. Bittermelon says:

    Them evil ‘Merkins are always trying to embarrass the good people of China.

  2. WoAi says:

    @Bittermelon – Very true, but let’s be nice to them on their special day. They’re celebrating being free of the evil Brits!

  3. Lil bro says:

    The Chinese government should issue a new edict prohibiting evil bloggers from publishing doctored photos of the view from their living room windows. In fact, when was the last time your windows were cleaned?

  4. flutter-by says:

    This reminds me of a joke:
    “Last time we bought a computer server, there was a lot of bubble wrap in the box for cushioning. I took a look – Oh fuck, Made in Canada! So my colleague and I took turns popping them open to breathe the air in them.”
    Even a blind man can see China’s air quality is shit. Don’t bother trying to deceive anyone. If I was the spokesman I would frankly admit the truth, then explain that’s doomed to happen when China is now the world’s factory. You can’t expect your garage to be cleaner than your bedroom, or a coalminer’s hands are cleaner than a surgeon’s. Someone has to do the dirty job.

  5. Bittermelon says:

    @flutter-by, are you proposing that a government spokesman, esp a Chinese government spokesman, admits the truth? Seriously?

  6. flutter-by says:

    @Bittermelon – Well, not really. That’s why I used subjunctive mood. I won’t have any chance to become a government spokesman in my lifetime I guess.

  7. wisemanofasia says:

    @woai – So you’re spiderman then are you?

  8. julia says:

    http://www.sunpreview.com ! the fact without the air quality

  9. Swiss James says:

    I wonder what the ratings are below “Unhealthy”?

  10. WoAi says:

    @Lil bro – This was taken through an open window!

    @Flutter-by – I got to get me some of that fresh Canadian air!

    @Wiseman – Shhhh, most people know me as Peter Parker.

    @Swiss – After that it’s “head for the airport NOW”

  11. Lil bro says:

    Must be a dirty lens then.

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