Apologies blog fans. I’ve been having security issues with the site. Apparently I’ve been the victim of automated hacking programs which led my provider to suspend my account. It isn’t necessarily fixed so if anyone with knowledge of WordPress coding is willing to offer their help, it would be appreciated. Otherwise, if you cannot access the blog, it means it’s happened again and I will try to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

It may also be a vulnerability in the theme I was using which is why I have switched to a more standard WordPress theme for now. But the photo is one of my own (taken in the late afternoon when the light is perfect) which I’m quite proud of so I hope you like it!

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10 Responses to Hacked

  1. Lil bro says:

    Glad your back up and running. I’m sure someone among your loyal, devoted followers will be able to offer assistance.

  2. WoAi says:

    If it helps, this is what my provider wrote:

    I have recently discovered suspicious activity on your account. Processes running under your username were causing performance degradation and called our attention to your server. Upon investigation, I found a hacking script present within your directory. I have provided the path to the hacking script I discovered below.


    I have moved the entire contents of your public_html directory into the following location:


    I then recreated your public_html folder with a temporary index file within it. I recommend that you move any static html pages you wish to use from the backup folder into your new public_html folder. I have performed these actions in lieu of account suspension. I apologize for any inconvenience, but our goal is to prevent the hacking script from being web-accessible, while allowing you the opportunity to restore your site.

    If you have any scripts active on your account, we strongly encourage you to install the latest version of the script as opposed to copying it from the backup folder. Most hacking scripts are able to be placed on user space due to security holes within user scripts. Script authors will often patch these security holes in later versions of the software. By installing the latest version of the script, you can be assured you have patched any potential security exploits.

  3. Swiss James says:

    That’s rough- your provider has done a sterling job there though.

    Are you on the latest version of wp? There are some good tips in here

  4. WoAi says:

    @Swiss James – Thanks. I wasn’t on the latest but I now religiously update all new versions including plugins. I’m imagining you fee pretty good right now not having to worry about such things anymore!

    Thanks for the link. I will be doing a lot of homework in the next few days. BTW, will you be in London at all during the Olympics? I’ve never been to an Olympics without you so this one is going to feel strange!

  5. DaveNYC says:

    You can not imagine how happy i was to seeing that your site still here. I guess i tried accessing your blog while it was down and was pretty disappoint figure your blog had vanished along with the others.
    Great to have you back online :)

  6. WoAi says:

    @DaveNYC – Yes I’m still standing, just about! Thanks for the lovely comment. It’s the sort of thing that keeps me going. You can always drop me an email if you need to find out about the blog next time it goes off the air. We may have coved this already but are you in NYC? And if so, what is it about this site that keeps you interested?

  7. Heinrich says:

    (w)Hacked this close to leadership change in China? I know who i’m blaming!

  8. WoAi says:

    @Heinrich – Hmmm yes, you could be on to something there. If I suddenly disappear you guys need to start a campaign to find out what happened!

  9. DaveNYC says:

    Your style of blogging and the content keeps it interesting and makes me a follower for the pass 5 years (wow didn’t realize it’s been that long). I found your site by chance while coming upon ispyshanghais site. Missed that one.
    Keep doing what your doing. Btw, I’m not sure where your email is listed on the blog or maybe I never really looked for it.

    Enjoy your time at the Olympics. I’ve been glued to the screen any chance I’ve got.

    dave From NYC

  10. WoAi says:

    @DaveNYC – Thanks, it’s comments like this that keep me going! I think what surprises me about you is that I thought this blog would be of no interest to anyone not living here and able to identify with the material. Not that I am complaining!

    My email is in the “About” section. And yes, the Olympic coverage is addictive. I’ve been later for a few appointments because I couldn’t tear myself away!

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