Cuivre Gets 4 Thumbs Up

Finally managed to get a table at Cuivre

I’ve been meaning to try this French restaurant for quite some time, but being a last minute kind of guy, I’ve never been successful at getting a table booking. But last night I finally managed to secure a table and headed down with an empty belly.

Cuivre means copper and the whole colour scheme of the restaurant seems to be various shades of brown, including the staff uniforms. There was no booking book at reception – it’s all high tech and the waiter checked our booking on the Apple Mac before showing us to our table.

Like many establishments now, the menu is an iPad (those Apple shares I bought recently are looking mighty good right now!). I have to say, I prefer old school paper menus. It wasn’t too convenient to use the iPad. For example, you can’t have one person looking at the wine list while another looks at the food. And it takes a while to get from the dessert section back to the appetiser section. But it’s a minor niggle.

Terrine de campagne

The menu is very simple and we went for the “terrine de campagne” which is a simple, basic pâté as well as a duck gizzard salad. For mains, we went for chicken breast and lobster risotto.

Juicy grilled Boston lobster risotto

Everything was fabulous. The risotto was nicely seasoned with a generous amount of lobster meat, the chicken breast was nice and moist, the pâté was slightly dry but still wonderful. I’m not big on duck gizzard but after taking those bits out the rest was lovely!

The table next to us had a sharing portion of beef steak that looked amazing, but I always prefer to have two different main courses so I can write a more representative review for my readers.

A very satisfied WoAi

And the service I have to say was also excellent. There are a few five star hotels that have lovely views that must be seen when visitors come over, but I always dread going because of the awful service. No such issues at Cuivre. The staff were friendly and efficient – no need to ask more than once for the pepper mill here.

The place was packed and many customers were French which I take as a good sign. Prices I thought were reasonable. Starters were from around 88 RMB and mains around 150 RMB upwards. The bottle of French Sauvignon Blanc was 280 RMB and the total damage (no room for dessert) was 860 RMB for two.

It reminds me of another favourite of mine, Brasserie La Fourchette on Xiang Yang road (near Julu road) but I’d say Cuivre would be my preferred choice, though slightly more costly.

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3 Responses to Cuivre Gets 4 Thumbs Up

  1. Hopfrog says:

    “those Apple shares I bought recently are looking mighty good right now!”

    I hope recently means pre-2011. P/E is sitting at about 14 right now, not necessarily a good buy, but it is hard to be bullish about the upside when you iPad menus and so many stores opening in the world’s largest customer base and high growth economy.

    The People’s Daily is out to tarnish its image though. They’ve been running a new anti-Apple feature every day now for a couple of weeks. Fortunately for you as a stockholder, most of Apple’s potential customers aren’t the type to put much weight upon what the People’s Daily has to say.

  2. Hopfrog says:

    Edit: hard NOT to be bullish.

  3. WoAi says:

    @Hopfrog – Yes, I bought way too late, partly just because I was too lazy to fill out the NYSE paperwork. I’m in for the long haul though so let’s see how the market reacts to the new iPhone in a few months!

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