We Are Family

It’s not just the Olympics I’m here for. I really miss hanging out with family so it’s so great to catch up with my niece and nephew pictured here waiting patiently for uncle WoAi to do some clothes shopping at Ted Baker.

Ice Cream!

Today I’ll be taking mum to see the the first of 3 events I have tickets for – the table tennis at ExCel. Expecting some strong performances from the Chinese players, so it should be quite exciting.

More Olympic updates shortly …

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2 Responses to We Are Family

  1. Gla says:

    Looks like a good uncle as kids like to hang out with you! Feel good to be with family, right?

  2. WoAi says:

    @Gla – Thanks, yes, of course, it’s so good to be with family. It’s one of the few negatives about working and living in China.

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