Tommy Welai Copycat

I was in Suzhou last week for some team building activities and I had a little walk around the city centre. I think Chinese clothing retail Tommy Welai (of course named after WoAi’s famous cat) has become so successful, some cheeky American retailer has copied its idea.

Similar name but what’s the quality like?

Oh well, they do say imitation is the best form of flattery!

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5 Responses to Tommy Welai Copycat

  1. Simon4rings says:

    If it is any comfort, it seems that Tommy Welai is having its closing down sale. Or perhaps it’s one of those closing down sale where the store doesn’t actually close down? Hilfiger can give Welai one of his famous bitchslap!

  2. WoAi says:

    @Simon4rings – Indeed they claim to be closing down but as you point out this could just be a permanent promotion.

    It’s odd having a post with “tommy” and [copy] “cat” but not being a Caturday post!

  3. Swiss James says:

    You can tell the “Tommy Hilfiger” is a lower quality rip off due to the paucity of electric bikes outside.

  4. DaveNYC says:

    Just came back from visiting Beijing last month. I’ve came across and strip of shops just like it. Ripping of names like prada, Hugo boss, lv. I just wish us Chinese could be more creative rather than known for copying, duplicating, bootlegging other people’s products. I should’ve taken some pics.

  5. WoAi says:

    @Swiss James – Yes, their customers are so poor they have to take the bus to go shopping!

    @DaveNYC – Gee shucks, some pics would have been nice!

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