iPhone 5 Is Finally Here In China

Oh sorry, did you think I meant the phone? Well, I’m happy to say the arrival of the iPhone 5 in China is imminent, but in the mean time, you can enjoy the last days of summer with some iPhone ice cream. Relax people, this apparently doesn’t breach any copyright because the iPhone trademark in China is registered in the electronics industry, but not the food sector!

Spotted on Changsha Notes and China Hush (VPN required in China).

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8 Responses to iPhone 5 Is Finally Here In China

  1. Hua Jing Li says:

    Only in China, only in China. I hang my head in half shame and half bemused that someone thought about this and it happened.

  2. Swiss James says:

    Love it! If the ice cream is really cold, do you get a bluetooth?

  3. anthony says:

    @Swiss – when are the gang of 3 reforming ?! – yeah ! – lol

  4. WoAi says:

    @Hua Jing Li – Don’t let anyone tell you Chinese people aren’t creative!

    @Swiss James – I tried to think of a witty response, but nothing comes to mind. Interestingly, there’s no Samsung ice cream, so I think that tells you conclusively which company wins over the hearts of the Chinese people more!

    @Anthony – I also want to know.

  5. Swiss James says:

    @Anthony- If you’d like to buy me a flight ticket from the UK to Shanghai, I’ll gladly talk nonsense for an hour whilst getting drunk. You can even come and watch!

  6. anthony says:

    @Swiss – Is that a promise !? – lol !

    @Woai – do a video crossover cam to the UK ! – lol

  7. Lil bro' says:

    So they bring out an iPhone ice cream but choose mango flavour and not apple. Interesting.

  8. Charbonson says:

    Just for information, as Iphone is probably a \”well known\” trademark, actually, the use of it, no matter for which products, is a trademark infringement. The legal ground is that for a well known trademark, the protection is not limited to the goods registered but to any kind of goods, for obvious reasons..

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