Child Models In Bikinis At Auto Show


This is actually from a few months ago but I thought it was worthy of a mention nonetheless. Young girls aged 4 and 5 were spotted in striking provocative sexy poses in skimpy bikinis at the Wuhan Automobile Exhibition. If you’ve visited a car show before, you’ll know that it’s common to use fully grown models but employing children is somewhat unusual. And disturbing!


This kind of thing would never be allowed to happen in the UK or the United States. Or would it!

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3 Responses to Child Models In Bikinis At Auto Show

  1. wisemanofasia says:

    One of the most disturbing things about China is that they sometimes feel that following the fucked up things that happen in American is a form of progress. What kind of person is going to be inspired to buy a car because of a young child model? And what the hell is wrong with the parents?

  2. CP says:

    @wisemanofasia: the parents were probably offered $$$

  3. WoAi says:

    @Wiseman – It’s been a while since we heard your wise words! And yes, exactly. We want to be more like Americans so let’s copy all the bad aspects of their culture including obesity inducing food and fucked up toddler beauty pageants.

    @CP – Good point. Money talks – What? You want to dress my 4 year old daughter in provocative, skimpy swimwear and have her cavorting around in sexually suggestive poses at a car show attended predominantly by men? No way! What? You’ll pay me 1,000 RMB? When shall I send my daughter over?

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