Rampant Fare Dodgers

The other day on the subway, I watched in shock as two middle aged women repeatedly tried to run through the barriers without paying, by trying to follow closely behind a fare paying passenger. But each time they were too slow and the barriers closed before they could get past. It was quite comical. And I think they were caught out because it’s rare for stations in Shanghai to use barriers. Turnstiles are more common and with those it’s easy to simply duck and walk under them.

I’m glad I found this video to share with you so you can see just how rampant fare dodging is in this city!

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15 Responses to Rampant Fare Dodgers

  1. CP says:

    Astounding video. Occasionally I’m aware of someone rather close behind me at a barrier, so I sl o w d o w n a n d t a k e m y t i m e .

    I’ve just had an idea for an iPhone game where you are an inspector watching over twenty turnstiles and get points for catching fare dodgers, and penalties for harrassing law abiding passengers. Any software programmers out there who want to share the royalties?

  2. BT says:

    That is even more rampant than a rabbit in Ann Summers…never seen it as bad as that, although the worst place seems to be Nanjing Dong Lu. When on the occasion I have someone too close behind me, I do find a sudden stop, forceful step backwards with a sharp backwards movement of the foot has the desired effect.

    It is getting as bad as Paris used to be…I do wonder how the country will move forward until people start to respect their own and take more responsibility, be it the way someone drives on the road or just learn not to shout on a phone in earshot of someone else.

    (NB – nice Ironic touch on Shanghai Daily stories…Links to Facebook and Twitter…)

  3. WoAi says:

    @CP – Brilliant iPhone app idea. Seriously! Get that game developed. In fact it could be the first in a series of China related games. Next up, a game where you try to reduce pollution in 300 cities around China with your score based on the aggregate air quality index of all cities.

    @BT – I’m guessing your fever and boredom has driven you to make a rare comment here! I have to admit I am always slightly nervous walking the narrow pavements of Shanghai as this is exactly the type of idiotic driving that you can’t prevent. Plus, I walk that stretch of Huaihai road frequently and have even shopped at that H&M.

    And talking of loud obnoxious people, I was having a chat in the lobby of the Langham by Raffles the other day and there was a guy on another table with a laptop and an earpiece shouting loudly to someone on the other end of the line. It was horrible.

  4. Hua Jing Li says:

    This is hilarious, great for procrastinating.

  5. WoAi says:

    @Hua Jing Li – Honestly I could watch this all day long. Glad you enjoyed it too!

  6. BT says:

    @ WoAi – but not well enough to have the patience to work out how to get the link to look all nice and neat :) Strong correlation between new job and decline in posting!

  7. bittermelon says:

    So many of those are hard hat construction workers.

  8. WoAi says:

    @BT – That’s okay, I fixed it for you. Have you heard of URL shorteners, LOL! So are you saying you had nothing to do at your old job?

    @Bittermelon – Actually yes, I think this example is extreme. It looks like it’s one big group of workers, with the occasional woman (didn’t notice any guys except the construction workers). But I think clearly there are a lot of people who never pay for a ticket. And the video is pretty entertaining.

  9. Stimpy says:

    I was thinking about this video the other day.

    My opinion is this- as you can see most of the people dodging the fares are construction workers. The metro was built so that people can get around the city more easily. That includes transporting the hundreds of thousands of construction workers. They in turn build the buildings that are helping propell Shanghai into the next stage of its development. If the metro wasn’t there, they would need to take buses or may not be able to travel greater distances. If they were stopped for not paying for a ticket, they might be more cautious about taking the metro.

    So basically, just think of the metro as one big shuttle service, making sure the people that are building this city can travel to work over large distances cheaply/ for free. I’m sure there has been an activate decision to turn a blind eye to the fare dodging for the reason.

    The Shanghai metro loses 800 million RMB every year. The company running it won’t increase the price of tickets, it says. That’s because it is so vital to the smooth running of the city now that to force people to seek alternative transport would not be beneficial.

    “Better city = better life”, remember?

  10. Swiss James says:

    It’s an absolute outrage, what if these fare dodgers were to knock me over on the way to the DVD shop?

  11. WoAi says:

    @Stimpy – Wow you really have given it some thought. But then why not just make it free for everyone? Or if construction workers are special, make them eligible for special passes like OAPs in England?

    @Swiss James – That’s very unlikely since you live in Manchester!

  12. AR says:

    Are there security guards or any kind of subway cops there to catch them?

    I have seen some fare dodgers in US city too, even there is clear sign telling people not to do so, but no offenders when there is someone (hired by the subway company) standing next to the entrance.

    The video reminds me of Michael Jackson’s Bad, only less acrobatic.

  13. WoAi says:

    @AR – No, there’s nobody supervising the turnstiles, deliberate or not. I like the MJ reference. We could have a competition – what song would go best with this video. I disagree that they’re less acrobatic though. Have you not seen how some of them swoop under the turnstile which can’t be much more than a foot high from the ground (30 cm) in one smooth action!!

  14. Stimpy says:

    How about ‘Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles.

    Or “No Ticket to Ride” as the case may be….

  15. WoAi says:

    @Stimpy – I like it! Ironic use of ticket to ride song title.

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