Luxurious Lombok


Lodge Dua (Dua means “2″), home for 2 nights.

And so here’s the much awaited part two! After working hard for 3 days to get my SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) certification, I needed to begin the rest and relaxation section of my 7 day vacation. You’re not supposed to fly within 24 hours of a dive anyway, so coming straight home wasn’t an option.


The bathroom

The plan was to move back to the main island of Lombok, as that’s where the airport is located too which would make the airport transfer slightly simpler when the time came. And I also decided to splash out (excuse the pun) a bit on the last two nights, because, well, I deserved it basically!

The infinity pool

The infinity pool

The Lombok Lodge really is a place to go if you want a bit of real luxury, or if you’re on your honeymoon. It’s owned by a Belgian and was designed by Italian architect, Vittorio Simoni. At 350 USD per night, it’s not exactly a back packer’s joint, but as it includes both breakfast and a 5 course fine dining evening meal, it’s not actually too outrageous.


A light lunch – nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice)

The place I stayed the first 5 nights was by any standard, pretty nice, but Lombok Lodge made it seem like a youth hostel by comparison. We were greeted with a welcome drink and a flower garland place around our necks and given a briefing about the resort. It’s a boutique resort with just nine private lodges, so there’s no need to rush to the pool in the mornings to claim your sunbed before the Germans get there!

Way more sun beds than guests!

Way more sun beds than guests!

The grounds were immaculate, with a team of gardeners keeping everything nicely trimmed and every member of staff would greet us by name with a big smile and a friendly hello.

Breakfast pastry selection

Breakfast pastry selection

Breakfast included a huge selection of pastries and breads, fresh fruit, fruit juices and eggs done more or less any way you like. It was far too much and the next morning I requested that they give me half of everything instead of the full portion.

Lunch at the hectic hotel restaurant

Lunch at the hectic hotel restaurant

It’s quite an isolated place – it’s probably a 15 minute walk just to get to the street, so in a way, you are a bit trapped, but I had no plans to venture outside. After 5 days of walking around Gili Trawangan and diving, I just wanted to relax and work on my tan and be pampered.

Immaculate gardens

Immaculate gardens

There’s a SPA of course, so I enjoyed a massage and facial, the first I’ve ever had. My face has never felt so good!

Night view of the hotel bar

Night view of the hotel bar

It was all over far too soon, and I almost had to fight back tears as the taxi drove us off to the airport while the ENTIRE hotel staff lined up at the front of the hotel to wave us off – everyone from gardeners to the head chef in his apron. I wish I had a photo but wasn’t expecting quite such a send off!

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6 Responses to Luxurious Lombok

  1. JR says:

    Wow WoAi,
    you are really good at finding some hidden gems. The place looks very nice!
    Nice to see that you have such a rested holiday.


  2. Stimpy says:

    Sure, it does look really nice and everything. Not for me, though. I wouldn’t like being so far from humanity- you do look very cut off.

    I can’t work out what that thing in your bathroom is. Is it a big stone, a tree trunk, a Jawa’s coat?

    Also, was there anyone else staying in the hotel apart from you and your lucky lady? Looks deserted!

  3. WoAi says:

    @JR – Thanks. I was very pleased with the trip, for sure.

    @Stimpy – Yes, I know what you mean, but I REALLY needed some tranquility to neutralise the sound of fire crackers and it was just the final two nights of the holiday, so it was fine.

    That’s a tree trunk seat designed by one of the waiters. He’s sold his designs to Singapore and other places, quite interesting really. He also sold his products to the hotel and then joined the staff!

  4. IC says:

    Looks great! But it is also not my type of vacation. Living in USA, I only go to places like these for bussiness. My private vacation is always about exploration for the sake of intellectual curiosity. So countries of ancient civilization, natural wonder, safari are my things. Certainly safari can be super expensive. Hey, you only live once. Why not.

  5. Lil bro says:

    Looks like paradise. Definitely beats the sub zero temps we’re stuck with this week.

  6. WoAi says:

    @IC – I like those types of holidays too. I like both! If only I had 6 months vacation a year!

    @Lil bro – Summer’s just around the corner. But for those who can’t wait, Lombok is highly recommended!

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