Still Friends With My iPod


Well after struggling with my “tiny” 30gb iPod for several years, I’ve finally upgraded to 160gb.  The 30gb has served me well as a “jukebox” device that contains every single piece of music I have ever owned but I was getting down to my last gigabyte of music and had no room for any video clips which seems to defeat the purpose of having an iPod Video!

The 160gb is like a breath of fresh air.  Once again all my albums are on there so it’s never a decision about what to take with me and what stays at home,  but on top of that I can fit over a hundred full length movies or even more episodes of my favourite tv shows.  I’ve also “upgraded” the quality of some songs that I had to rip at a lower quality in order to save space that was fast running out and no longer need to choose the best tracks from new albums – I can just rip the whole thing, no worries.

What a lot of people may not realise is that the iPod “Classic” name is a bit misleading because it’s far superior to the older generations in terms of the operating system and interface.  Apple may have retained the look of the original iPods but the way it works is vastly improved while the prices have continued to drop.

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  1. Swiss James says:

    160gb is ferocious.

    But isn’t it true that you can’t just drag and drop stuff onto an i-pod? Have to go through itunes? That’s what always puts me off, other than that they seem pretty solid.

  2. Woaizhongguo says:

    Yes James it is true but there are advantages to that in terms of file management. You’ll appreciate it when you have 6000 plus songs to keep in order. For example, if one of the album details is wrong, you can change the artist name or album name of all tracks in one go, rather than one by one.

    I think it was done originally to appease the record companies who were horrified by the potential for piracy if all you needed to do was drag and drop from iPod to computer. But it’s really simple and convenient, honest!

  3. hi, just want to thank you that you inspired me.
    I’m getting an iPod touch, and a macbook. thaaaaaaaaanks peter


  4. Woaizhongguo says:

    Shopgirl I thought you already made the decision some time ago to buy the MacBook. For me, the iPod was the way in, the door to the wonderful life of Apple. I bought my first iPod many years ago and was so impressed by the product, I decided that if their computers are anywhere near as well designed, they must be great, so I bought my first Apple Powerbook Pro G4. Once you go Apple, you don’t go back!

  5. Linda says:

    yay for iPods! did you buy from an Apple store in China or

  6. Woaizhongguo says:

    Linda, there isn’t an Apple store in China yet although it’s being planned. I get my Apple stuff from one of many Apple dealers in the computer malls here and they’re pretty okay and know their shit.

  7. Swiss James says:

    yes yes, but what if I want to steal someone else’s MP3s? What then?

    I’ve got loads of MP3s on this PC, and others in various places, what will happen to those files? I dunno, it all seems a bit restrictive

  8. Woaizhongguo says:

    Swiss James – Apple are not allowed to allow users to copy MP3 files from iPod to PC. However, it takes a few minutes to download software such as MediaWidget from Bootstrap that allows you to do this. There’s a legitimate reason for allowing this – if you lost your PC, you would need a way to get back the music from your iPod back to your computer.

  9. once you go mac, you never go bac. =P

    my word this time was “glamour”. (surely the bars/clubs in shaghai have more than one word names?)

    and macs are glamourous . . . can’t wait to upgrade my mac this winter (and give the ol – but faithful – iBook to the children . . . )

  10. Woaizhongguo says:

    The spam protector says up to 8 words works best so I am limited – it’s actually Glamour Bar.

    What are you upgrading to? The MacBooks are now so highly specked you don’t really need to go for the MacBook Pro and the prices are very nice too. And with the Intel chips they can now run Windows so it’s like having two computers in one. Okay I’ll stop being geeky now.

  11. i think i’ll get an imac for the house and a (white) mac book (not the powerbook) for my personal use (though i am not that crazy about the keyboard) but i don’t think i’ll be running any parallel programs. there’s nothing besides the windows based office suite (word, excel, PP, etc) that i use now that i feel i’ll need on my new macs . . . i’m not a gamer . . . then we can VIDEO IM! =)

  12. Woaizhongguo says:

    Angie, now you’re talking! And yes, more and more I’m finding less and less need to revert to Windows and I am also not a gamer. I have a black one which is slightly higher spec that the white ones with bigger RAM (I added an extra GB) and hard disk (160gb) plus of course, a superdrive to burn my favourite video clips onto DVD.

    My brother Rich got one recently also and keeps raving about it. We even talked about Skype-ing each other at some point (he lives in England for reasons best know to himself).

    As you said: once you go Mac, you don’t go back, LOL!

  13. i’m not so sure about skype-ing . . . i usually just click on the camera looking icon w/ my friends who have the same capability and POOF! there they are on all our webcam glory.

    i added an extra GB a few years back on ol’ faithful here, but i use this primarily for school and work. i know when i get the new macs i’ll definitely be installing some more GB action, but i’ll do it myself – as apple has a tendency to rape you on the price of install and hardware.

  14. Woaizhongguo says:

    I thought webcam doesn’t work with MSN / Windows Messenger on a Mac. So how would that work then?

    Oh in China they do it all for you in the store and install any piece of software you want for free as well. Asia rocks!

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