Merry Caturday


I’m a celebrity get me out of here!

As you read this, I’ll be flying somewhere over Russia or Mongolia on my way back home to London for my first Christmas since 2011 (last year I went back in July for the London Olympics). So it’s time again for Tommy and Hui Hui to be packed up and transported to their temporary home for 2 weeks.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Merry Christmas everyone!

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3 Responses to Merry Caturday

  1. KimC says:

    Merry Christmas! Have a great time with your family. Eat an M&S mince pie or two for me.

  2. China Doll says:

    Tommy and Hui Hui probably couldn’t wait to get rid of you so that they could have an orgy of their own with other like-minded “people”.

  3. WoAi says:

    @Kim C – Thanks and same to you. I’ll be eating non-stop for the next two weeks, although I’m not big in mince pies. Cumberland sausages on the other hand ….

    @China Doll – An interesting theory, although both Tommy and Hui Hui have been, ahem, fixed.

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