Glasses Face Off

Shopgirl commented here that my glasses need changing.  She always gives great fashion advice, even when it isn’t being asked for!  So before I banish my Guess glasses to the rubbish bin and get a new pair, I thought I’d run a little poll, just to be sure.

Who most needs to rethink their glasses style?

  • Shopgirl needs to change her glasses style (67%, 39 Votes)
  • WoAi needs to change his glasses style (33%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 58

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Fashion queen Shopgirl wears her trendsetting glasses.

Another Shopgirl glasses pic.

WoAi in his terribly unfashionable glasses.

I’ll close the poll in a couple of days and announce the results accordingly.

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84 Responses to Glasses Face Off

  1. queenmab says:

    LMAO dude… How old are you? Youre acting like a fking baby. Your posting other peoples pictures without permission. Youre comparing yourself to a 21 yr old girl.


    so sad teehee

  2. rich says:

    I wouldn’t take fashion advice from anyone who thinks the funny looking chic in glasses looks cool. Oh and ‘being on trend’ is NOT about blindly imitating a celebrity who you think looks cool. The minute you have to justify an item of your wardrobe by pointing to a celebrity wearing something similar then I think its time to admit you’ve lost touch with the whole concept of fashion.

    Thats my fashion tip for you, maria.

  3. Andy says:

    Well having a read through the comments I have to first admit that I voted for Woai, purely on glasses style and not personalities.

    Also I just want to say that me and Shopgirl met once to talk about blogging and a fashion video and I can safely say that she’s a nice person and there’s no need to ‘hate on’ her.

    By the way, Shopgirl, the video that we eventually shot for Current TV went into development hell over some really petty stuff. Bedi from Fashion Trend Digest didn’t get paid for three months and then the producer started making a bunch of outrageous extra demands for no extra money.

    As far as I know it still hasn’t aired on their channel. We got paid upfront though, so whatever.

  4. shopgirl says:

    maria: thanks, that is also what I thought :)

    rich: no offense, but may I ask your age, if you are around 40, of course you think my glasses are stupid and ugly. But girls in my age find them rather cool. Also celebrity fashion has GREAT impact on us regular people. You will find celebrity lookalike clothes in the stores, etc. And at that time, around 3 months ago, I happened to think those glasses looked cool on me, and I got lots of questions of where I bought them, etc.
    just remember you are in another generation…we think differently and that’s normal. You should try to be more open…

  5. Sue says:

    Maria – haven’t you heard? The forties are the new thirties so if in your thirties that makes u the new twenties and the twenties….well, i think you should get the drift.

  6. rich says:

    Shopgirl – I’m 37. And I still wear tracksuits and for the benefit of doubters like maria I can carry it off very well. No offence, but your last comment really shows your immaturity.

    Fashion and the understanding of fashion has little to do with age as you suggest. It’s a talent that people either possess or not. The majority of the most highly acclaimed contemporary fashion designers are over the age of 50. The most successful fashion range recently launched by a high street store here in the UK, aimed primarily at girls of your age and younger, was designed by Kate Moss. If memory serves me right she’s fast approaching 40.

    If you still think my generation think differently then I think it’s you who needs to adopt a more open mind.

    As for the glasses, I’ll ask among the girls of your age that I know (I have 5 nieces around your age, plus around half a dozen staff in their late teens) and if it turns out that even one of them thinks the glasses are or ever have been cool then I’ll eat my hat ;)

  7. heli82 says:

    As a member of shopgirl’s generation, I think the glasses are pretty heinous. I mean, since when is the Henry Kissinger look trendy?? And just because a celebrity wears something, doesn’t mean it looks good.

    Anyway, can’t we all just get along? Simmer down people.

  8. WoAi says:

    Maria – Thanks for stopping by, it’s always a thrill when a new reader makes a comment for the first time. Perhaps you could write a few words about yourself and how you know Shopgirl. You both have a remarkably similar writing style and use of language – did you both attend the same special needs school or something?

    Andy – It’s the culmination of endless catty comments that she leaves that are downright rude that prompted my post the other day. For example, I put up a photo of myself on Faceook a year ago and she left a 5 word comment:

    “God you REALLY need Photoshop!”.

    Charming. I know I’m not the best looking guy on the planet, but I didn’t realise it was quite that bad! Did I reply? No, I just deleted her from my contacts list and said nothing more of it.

    Ever since then there have been lots of similar insulting / rude comments like the glasses one and I think in that respect, my response was quite light hearted and mild. If I wanted to be cruel and vindictive I might put up the highly entertaining video from yesterday that she deleted, but I (probably) won’t!

    Queenmab / Shopgirl – I didn’t steal any pictures or publish them. I simply hyperlinked to them. They remain only on Shopgirl’s blog – she published them herself (it’s easy to check, just right click and look at the image properties). If Shopgirl deleted the photos from her blog, my post would immediately have no photos.

    Shopgirl (and every other blogger on the planet) links to other sites. I’ve seen photos of celebrities she’s “stolen” and published on her blog. I doubt she gets permission first!

  9. Andy says:

    Woai, oh I have no problem with the post itself, I think it’s a classic.

  10. shopgirl says:

    haha, that’s lame, thinking that I would be maria or queenmab posting.
    get a good argument instead.

  11. WoAi says:

    Shopgirl – Since we’re into this asking permission thing would you mind if I posted that video here on my site? It’s very entertaining. If you say no, I’ll probably do it anyway and you can try and take me to court if you like.

  12. Miss Jane says:

    Oh Woai, Looks has nothing to do to get you a girl. Ron Jeremy has proven that in the porn industry!

  13. WoAi says:

    Miss Jane – Yes, but he can go for hours. I get tired after about 90 minutes and need to stop for 3 or 4 minutes to rest.

  14. Miss Jane says:

    You just made me spat out some good wine i’m indulging right now in my mouth!!!!!!!!!! How cruel!

  15. WoAi says:

    Miss Jane isn’t it about 3am in Canada? You should be drinking hot chocolate!

  16. maria says:

    oh get a grip ffs. i know shopgirl through a swedish internet forum. we’ve never met but been speaking online for probably about 6 years now.

    my name is maria, i’m 24 y.o., born i gothenburg, now living in london since june 2006. huge musical theatre fanatic (i’ve seen about 30, last one seen was “the last five years” by jason robert brown at theatre royal haymarket with the amazing julie atherton in the lead role as cathy), i’m working as a nanny in notting hill and chiswick while studying sociology part time from the university in lund. i’ve got three younger brothers, one older half-sister and i haven’t spoken to my mum in about 6 years. anything else you want to know?

    and i must say that it’s quite hilarious that a man of your age can’t keep the conversation on a decent level.

    and for the glasses, all i can say is that what certain celebs are wearing (ppl like chloë sevigny, sienna miller, alexa chung etc) are usually indications on what is on trend at the moment and nerdy glasses glasses HAS been a trend. so there you go.

  17. Andy says:

    Maria, I have just read back through the comments more carefully and have to take you up on something you said.

    Everyone should wear tracksuits, especially beyond the so-called 18-35 range. If you’ve really lived in the UK, you should know this. No longer is the tracky look restricted to Euro-white trash like me. We have our easterly Euro trash cousins in the ex-sov bloc and even Turkey has joined the EU, bringing it’s proud tradition of footy and tracksuits for all. Now we have Woai on the team, the fashion conscious sophisticated multi-cultural background London type. You cannot defeat us!

  18. Miss Jane says:

    Woai, Wine == Hot Chocolate for moi any time of the day/hour/min! :D

  19. maria says:

    andy, have you been living under a rock or something? whole tracksuit sets is only worn by white trash and young teens over here. and as for the type of tracksuit top mr woai is wearing himself i’ve NEVER seen anyone over the age of 35 (or maybe even 30) wear that, unless they’re white trash or some silly 30-something dude (most probably in some kind of band) trying to hold on to his youth (which looks completely retarded to me).

    and what do you mean with “everyone SHOULD wear a tracksuit”????!!!! i mean… WTF?????

    no, thank you very much. i’ll stick to my opinion that tracksuits are NOT wearable for anyone over the age of 35. even if it’s just a top. it just looks stupid, like you’re trying to look younger (think about those old ladies trying to be trendy, which makes them look about 10 years older, haha).

    so basically as said, people should dress their age.

  20. Viva Las Vegas says:

    Agreed, no one over thirty should dress like someone in their twenties. As soon as I turn thirty I will be saying goodbye to my jeans and tracksuits.

  21. never say good bye to jeans . . . ever.

  22. Miss Jane says:

    Some ppl can pull off that look better than others. Why put an age cap on something when they can totally beat the system? People in their 30s or late age always do things that makes them look and feel younger. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

  23. miss jane, i wouldn’t worry too much about the likes of maria nor viva las vegas . . . sounds like they might only be capable of dressing their mental age/maturity level. =P

  24. oh, and wine is ALWAYS in style miss jane, always . . .

  25. Viva Las Vegas says:

    Miss jane, of course there’s nothing wrong with trying to beat the system. If someone can beat it, more power to them.
    My point is that when one dresses like that and can’t pull it off then a rule of thumb would be to not even try in the first place.
    Angie in Texas,it also sounds like some people might only be capable of posting content relative to their mental age/’maturity’level =P

  26. Miss Jane says:

    Speaking of Wine Angie…don’t you just love the weekend to curl up with a good bottle?

  27. Miss Jane says:

    Viva, why do you think there are shows like “what not to wear?” or “stylista” . Sure helps the ratings to go up.

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  29. WoAi says:

    Miss Jane – “Speaking of wine Angie…” I think from now on, Angie should be known as “Wine Angie”!

    As for Maria / Viva Las Vegas, I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. Can’t wear jeans after 30? Get a grip (to borrow one of Maria’s own phrases). Next you’ll be saying black people should only eat fried chicken, white people shouldn’t try to dance or play basketball and teenagers should not ever listen to Mozart. Must be sad living your lives within those kinds of limitations.

  30. viva las vegas: thank you. you’ve just proved my point.

  31. miss jane: why limit yourself to just the weekend? i do it every night. ;)

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  33. People, People says:

    You people need to put aside your petty net arguments. WHO CARES if woai’s tracksuit is in style or if shopgirl’s glasses are flattering? Everyone should chill out and do something productive with their lives.

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