Caturday Returns : Bright Eyes

Tommy loves to look out the window and watch the world go by.

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15 Responses to Caturday Returns : Bright Eyes

  1. Miss Jane says:

    I like your camera…and Tommy of course!

  2. WoAi says:

    My goodness 3 minutes after posting there’s a comment. I think that’s a new record. You like my camera? But you haven’t even seen my camera!

  3. is this a recent photo of tommy? or a kitty photo?

    (appropriately my password today is “tommy”.)

  4. Heli82 says:

    This definitely looks like a younger Tommy. But I’m glad to see that Caturday is back. By the way, whatever happened to your photoblog? I check back from time to time but there have been no updates for so long. Did you just give up?

  5. wancestyle says:

    Glad to see the comeback of superstar Tommy! Deep, penetrating gaze as always.

  6. WoAi says:

    Angie – Well spotted. It’s from a couple of years ago, the Caturday archives.

    Heli82 – The photoblog has been stopped due to lack of visitors. I guess most people just want to read this blog rather than view photos I’ve taken.

    Wancestyle – Yes, if looks could kill …

  7. i’d like to think that you could COMBINE the photos and the blog. i like the concept of you sharing the narrative that goes along with your photos (like the old man and your return visit).

    besides, people LOVE pictures on blogs. =)

  8. WoAi says:

    Thanks Angie. Foto Friday? I guess I sort of do that already, except the photos are merely captures of situations and the photoblog was purely about the photographic side. Let me have a think and see what I can come up with. I think it’s a good idea to consolidate this site rather than dilute it by splitting. It’s not like this is CSI and CSI Miami!

  9. i can’t stand the idea of david caruso. ick.

  10. WoAi says:

    Angie – I don’t know, I quite like the old carrot top from way back in his NYPD Blue days. It’s such a shame he got too big for his boots and left prematurely but he’s been man enough to admit he was an arrogant prick and has been given a second chance with CSI.

  11. Dingle says:

    my eyes looked a bit like that this morning..

  12. wisemanofasia says:

    Woai – is this Tommy’s looking at you pouring his food in the cat bowl look? Cus if it is my dog does exactly the same thing… fact some of the 5 year old children I teach do pretty much the same thing if you show them a snicker!

  13. Miss Jane says:

    一般来说 I have seen what your camera can do.

  14. WoAi says:

    Wiseman – Da ladeez usually look like that when I pull out my …. oh never mind.

    Miss Jane – LOL, great use of the latest LCWW phrase! But it’s the photographer, NOT the camera :-p

  15. wisemanofasia says:

    ..or maybe just when you ‘pull out’ woai!

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