Lucky Old WoAi

Unlike most “foreigners” in China, I look a lot like a local, so I often over hear westerners talking in bars or cafes and they assume the people close by (me) can’t really follow their conversation. So sometimes it’s a foreigner trying to impress a Chinese girl and sometimes, it’s a comment about me that they think I won’t pick up on. I suppose it’s the equivalent of some Chinese people going to Germany and speaking Chinese assuming all the Germans don’t know what they’re saying.

Anyway, last night I was having a grand old time with 3 friends at Vault Bar (attached to Laris). Thursday is the best night of the week – two for one Martini cocktails all night, and as a result, there isn’t room to swing a cat in there after midnight. In fact, I think that’s why the Martinis are two for one. Almost all of us spilled half our drinks on the floor (those triangular cocktail glasses are impossible to hold without spilling when they’re full of Martini and the place is packed).

Role reversal – I said to the waitress “you be the photographer, I’ll open the bottle” and I think she did as good a job with the camera as I did with the bottle.

We then moved to Velvet Lounge which was much less crowded and we even managed to get a sofa. On the next table were 3 western men who kept looking over at my 3 friends and although the music was loud, I heard one of them say “he’s a lucky guy”. In fact, my 3 friends heard it too and started giggling.

Oh well, it could have been worse. At least they didn’t say “look at that guy in the ridiculous glasses trying desperately to cling on to his youth”. Well, perhaps they did later, but I stopped listening after the lucky guy comment!

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15 Responses to Lucky Old WoAi

  1. DDD says:

    I couldn’t agree with them more – Going on that photo you do look like one lucky cnut.

  2. DDD says:

    Sorry about using the “c” word but, just to clarify, I mean it in the friendly rather than hostile sense.

  3. Tripfriend says:

    WoAi, your such a player.

  4. T. says:

    I don’t think they said “he’s a lucky guy” I think they said “that fucking guy . . .with his track suit tops. He’s a disgrace”

  5. WoAi says:

    DDD – I was just gonna ask, what’s a CNUT? Actually, I think that’s the same word the men used last night but I was trying to keep it clean here.

    Tripfriend – I am NOT a player. I go home to Tommy every night alone. [Insert pussy joke of your choice here]

    T – Cheers, I’ve burned all my track suit tops and only wear business suits these days, even if it’s to go buy fruit at the market.

  6. Aimmee says:

    Hey WoAi,

    A friend of mine is living in SH. So I always curious what a western man is doing in their free time.
    I think the men were too jealous and busy looking at the ladies so I dont think they have time to notice ” the guy with ridiculous glasses and trying desperately to cling on to his youth”. :-)

    Tripfriend: He said he is not a player…. hahaha do we agree with him? hmmm???

    Enjoy the beautiful moments in life.

    I do enjoy your blogs.

  7. wisemanofasia says:

    Are you sure they didn’t say ‘aww isn’t it nice to see a father bringing his daughters out for a good time’ ? ;)

  8. Swiss James says:

    Buying Champagne for a load of women then going home alone?! You can keep it!

  9. T. says:

    One. . .two .. . THREE . . .Three mistresses! That must cost him a lot in shopping trips to Lanvin every month. We’re LUCKY we’re not that GUY

  10. WoAi says:

    Aimmee – Thanks for stopping by. Many western men just enjoy Shanghai’s incredible nightlife in their spare time, as do I.

    Wiseman – Watch it mate!

    Swiss – Well actually they bought me the Champagne to get me drunk and then all 3 took me home and took advantage of me. It was terrible.

    T – LV not Lanvin. Who shops at Lanvin?

  11. logically i can understand how westerners may think that way, but then they’re the same jackasses that get all flustered when they can’t find someone who speaks english . . .

  12. wancestyle says:

    WoAi – Lucky bastard! The girl on the left is cute and I like your outfit!

  13. Rich says:

    Well since it was a thur I guess woai was just warming up for the weekend. I thought all middle age chinese men shop at Lanvin ;-)

  14. b says:

    Calling yourself lucky here is like calling these fags who are always surrounded by good looking women lucky. Sugardaddy nothwithstanding, they’re not sexually interested in you.

  15. Rich says:

    Hahahahaha lol @ b. If only you knew, son.

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