Super Sake Session

[Update : Sorry I messed this post up earlier and half of it was missing.  I've now added some of the missing elements back, though not all.  I think it's the time difference in London combined with WordPress's autosave function - it seems to have gone back to an earlier version, thinking it was a later version]

We had our department Christmas party last Thursday in Shanghai and went to a Japanese all you can eat and drink restaurant. Anyone who lives in Shanghai will be familiar with this concept, but for those of you outside Shanghai, this is a common package where you pay around 150 RMB and then you can order as much food and drink as you like, including sashimi, grilled fish, tempura prawns etc and drinks include Sake, beer, soft drinks (although why you would order soft drinks when you can have hard drinks is beyond my comprehension).

WoAi has a drink with some of the staff.

Some locals call it Japanese buffet, but it’s not really a buffet – you don’t help yourself, you order from the menu and they bring it to your table. It’s a GREAT way to entertain a large group of people as you know exactly what the cost will be, regardless of how much you eat or drink.

In our company (and I suspect most Chinese companies) it’s traditional for the bosses to drink with each of his staff one by one. It means everyone just has one or two drinks but the boss has to have tens or even hundreds, depending on the size of the team. Basically it’s a good way for employees to make their bosses get wrecked and suffer, so it’s not really my most favourite idea in the world!

Waitress delivers ANOTHER batch of Sake bottles – we were drinking faster than she could bring them over!

You should have seen the expression on the waitress’ face when, after having consumed vast amounts of Sake, we asked for more.  She asked how many more bottles we needed and someone replied “FORTY”.  I’m not sure we’ll be welcomed back there again!

WoAi takes a moment to recover from drinking so much Sake while two colleagues look on with delight!

Is it me or do these two look a little too happy about seeing me in such a bad state?

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8 Responses to Super Sake Session

  1. Tracy says:

    Wait a sec.
    All you can eat food AND DRINK?
    That’s insane! Japanese buffets here in Calgary are nearly $20 and all you get is sushi. Drinks not included :(

    I would be very very drunk if I could drink for free!

  2. Miss Jane says:

    Woai can you make sure this place doesn’t get shut down in the next two months or so? I need the exact coordinates and direction on how to get there! I’ll bring some friends who have bottomless stomach and indestructible livers.

  3. wancestyle says:

    It seems you had great fun! Could you tell me where is the place? So far, I have only been to Japanese all you can eat, NOT drink!

  4. i was trying to explain this concept to some of my american friends and ut was really beyond their abilities to understand . . .

    LOL = great ending to the story.

  5. WoAi says:

    Tracy / Jane / Wancestyle : In Shanghai I thought almost EVERY Japanese place used this pricing model! Okay, the one we went to on Thursday was:

    海之幸 : 4th Floor, Lan Sheng Building, No.8 on Central Huai Hai Road (near Central Xizang Road)
    TEL: 021-63190178

    But we’ve been to a different one each time, one in the basement of LIPPO Centre on Huai Hai Rd, one inside the Dong Hu Hotel on Dong Hu Road, etc etc.

    Angie – You’ve tried this before? You should come visit, we can all go together and get wrecked!

  6. Sue says:

    I’m not a big fan of “all you can eat” whatever…but I LOVE all you can drink! We have Japanese buffets here but not all you can drink, however we do have karaoke places where they charge $45-$50 bucks and all you can drink!

  7. wancestyle says:

    WoAi – Thanks for the info about the Japanese all you can eat, I will check it out soon. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in London!

  8. Miss Jane says:

    I think if I go with some of my friends there in the New year the restaurant will be closed down after…

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