Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake


I’m not sure how long they’ve been operating in Shanghai, but Uncle Tetsu is another Taiwanese import that’s proving to be super popular in Shanghai. (Another example is the Hot Star Large Fried Chicken which has queues that go around the building).

Waiting for Uncle Tetsu at SML Center

They bake them fresh in batches, so when you get it, it’s piping hot. It also means the lines are insanely long because they don’t make them in advance and they can only do small batches each time. You can expect to wait around 40 minutes to an hour and pay the very reasonable 39 RMB to get your hands on one of these babies. I say one, because that’s all you’re allowed to buy, so I’m certainly not going to be sharing mine with my office buddies!

There are at least two locations in Shanghai currently: B1 level of Jiuguang department store in Jingan district, and SML Center (Ruijin road and Taikang road) on the same level as the food court. If you have the time to spare (I don’t) it’s well worth it. I’m just going to wait for the craze to die down (it can’t stay like this) and then I’ll swoop in and get some.

If you’re reading from Taipei, you probably already know where to find Uncle Tetsu, but if you don’t, I understand you can get it at the Taipei train station.

(Also posted on Shanghai Uncovered.)

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Shanghai Woman Killed By Supermarket Trolley

Quite shocking freak accident in a Shanghai supermarket a few days ago that killed a 66 year old woman. If you’ve ever been shopping in Shanghai you’ll be familiar with these long escalators. Supermarket trolleys are magnetised, so once on the conveyor, they are locked and cannot move. However, it looks like some plebs brought their own trolley, loaded it with 15  cases of Sprite and then accidentally let go of it.

I normally embed videos straight in to the blog post but this one really is quite distressing so please only watch if you think you can handle it.

The only reason I’m mentioning this is because I hope all of you will look behind you from now on. This poor woman only looked around half a second before the runaway trolley took her life.

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Caturday Nap


Nothing better than an afternoon nap on a sunny Caturday afternoon!

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What, No Cheating?

I picked up my son at midday [from his exam]. He started crying. I asked him what was up and he said a teacher had frisked his body and taken his mobile phone from his underwear. I was furious and I asked him if he could identify the teacher

It’s quite incredible how things can be spun around 180 degrees. A classic example here is the story of a riot that started after angry parents found out their kids were not allowed to cheat in the college entrance exams known as the “gaokao”.

The rationale behind this is that cheating is so widespread, it means that by not being allowed to cheat, these kids are at a disadvantage to all the other kids in other regions. Brilliant!

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Sexy Summer Legs


Has everyone seen these already? The latest in anti-rape attire – alarmingly realistic hairy leg stockings. Ideal to repel perverts on the crowded subway, except the ones with a hairy leg fetish, but they’re the harmless ones!

I’ve just ordered some. For me chest!

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Speak Mandarin Or No Job (At Body Shop)

I take it you’ve all read my latest food blog post regarding the amazing deals from M1NT Cellars? Okay then. Let’s get on with today’s I Love China post.

I read that Zoe Churchman, a 19 year old English girl was refused a job at personal care retailer Body Shop, because she didn’t speak Chinese. Apparently, most of their customers are Chinese, hence the requirement.

I feel bad for young Zoe, but would recommend she apply for a job at Cambridge’s finest Chinese restaurant, Charlie Chan (14 Regent Street). You certainly don’t need to speak Chinese to work there, just say you’re a friend of WoAi!

So, has the world gone crazy or is this a fair requirement? I don’t think it’s so crazy. There are many restaurants that cater to westerners in Shanghai that insist on staff who can speak at least some English and that’s the way it should be. Of course, there are about 1,000 Daily Mail readers who don’t agree with me!


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No Pyramid Selling Or Voodoo


Spotted this sign at a local restaurant the other day. The best one is “no pyramid selling and superstition”. Look at the icon they’ve used to represent pyramid selling – it reminds me of telepathic mind influence and voodoo!

And yes, I broke one of the rules – no photography.

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Enjoy Shanghai (And Save Money)

I’m killing two birds with one stone today with one post on both blogs, because I think it’ll be of interest to everyone.

I think I’ve mentioned the Enjoy card before but haven’t devoted a full post to it, which it definitely deserves. Basically, you pay 399 RMB for one year (with discounts for multiple year commitments) and you get a book of vouchers that get you special one off deals at many bars and restaurants around town, as well as other shopping and lifestyle establishments. The offers vary by establishment, so some are pretty useless, like perhaps one free cocktail when 4 people dine or something silly like that. But there are more than enough genuinely great offers to make this a complete no-brainer. A few examples include buy one, get one free brunch at T8 in Xintiandi which is a saving of over 300 RMB right there. 50% off (food only) at Kebabs On The Grille which is one of my favourite Indian restaurants is another great offer.

The vouchers can only be used once but every establishment also offers an ongoing deal which can be enjoyed on every visit. This is commonly a percentage off, or a free drink or something that might not be an amazing deal but still goes towards making the card worth holding.

You do need to be careful as there are some establishments that participate just to drum up extra business that they desperately need and I do not recommend going to places just for the offers. But there are more than enough good places participating that are worth visiting. Even M1NT which I have also reviewed participates (free dessert platter when 4 people dine, free glass of Champagne on every visit).

Here’s a list of a few other places that I recommend and that are in the Enjoy book, many of which will be reviewed here shortly, in case you’re not sure:

Pin Chuan Sichuan Restaurant (50% off food)
Lost Heaven Yunnan Restaurant (68 RMB off)
Di Shui Dong (20% off food)Kakadu (30% off food)
Fat Olive (30% off total bill)
Downstairs @ Urbn Hotel (50% off)
Simply Thai (50% off food)

So there you have it. If you don’t have one already (or even if you do!), sign up and get yours delivered today!

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Capitulating To Tetraphobia

So the word of the day is tetraphobia, which believe it or not, is a fear of the number 4. In China, the word for 4 sounds a lot like the word for “die” and as a result, Chinese people tend to avoid this number wherever possible. Many high rise buildings do not have a 4th floor and in Hongkong there is even a building that skips floors 40 through to 49. So after 39th floor, the next floor is 50!

Why am I bringing this up now? Well, I read yesterday that the suburb of Richmond Hill in Toronto has decided that from now on, they will avoid the number 4 when allocating street numbers. The council has received a barrage of complaints from I am guessing Chinese residents, who are finding it difficult to sell properties that are associated with the number 4.

This is of course a ludicrous situation and it is surprising that the council has decided to accommodate the Chinese by agreeing to scrap the number 4. Surely, Chinese house hunters can merely avoid buying such properties in the first place and there ought to be plenty of non-Asian people who are more than happy to take those properties.

But there you go. The article treads very carefully and is a tad too politically correct. You have to sympathize with some of the commenters at the bottom of the article who are understandably upset that the council is bowing to the requests of the immigrant population.

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24 Years Ago Today


How time flies … Many people, especially in HK, make a big thing about this every year. And of course, it was a big thing. But it was also 24 years ago, almost a quarter of a century. We criticise the Chinese for kicking up a fuss about Japanese atrocities all those years ago, so perhaps we should not be hypercritical. China has a long way to go, but it has come a long way since 1989. And it’s a different group of leaders.

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