Feel The Hunger

I once did a sales pitch to a potential client and at the end of the presentation, all he had to say was: “that’s all very nice, but I’m not feeling the hunger”.  Obviously he may be reading this so I have to be careful, but I think the pretentious dick meant he needed more to convince him that our service was something he and his organisation would benefit from.

Whilst out on my lunch break the other day, I came across this sign and it somehow brought back fond memories of the meeting I had months ago:


What can I say – beer and hot girls is tempting, but I’m not feeling the hunger. Throw in a pool table and maybe some bar snacks and I’m there!

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Shopboy Shanghai

Yes folks, it’s Fashion Friday once again, even though it’s only Tuesday. Some lesser sites only have weekly shoe updates, but with the second fashion post in as many days, nobody can accuse WoAi of not providing his readers with value for money!

My recent trip to Hongkong was not really to protect the Olympic torch, they had enough guys surrounding the thing and very little (actually none) protesters to deal with, so instead, I went shopping. If you didn’t know, Hongkong is a shoppers paradise. It’s a free port, so there’s no consumption taxes to pay, which means many imported products are almost half the price compared to the China mainland. So, the more you buy, the more you save, or that’s what I keep telling myself at least!Of course, it helps that the RMB is now 1.12 to the Hongkong Dollar when just a few years ago it was 0.94 to the dollar.So here are some of my purchases for the summer season which is already upon us, proudly modelled by yours truly (one of the advantages of having your own photo studio at home).


Agnes B striped tee shirt, 800 RMB.


Ralph Lauren Polo multi coloured “Big Pony” shirt, 684 RMB.

I should explain that I won’t keep the collar up when I wear it in public and I also don’t wear my sunglasses on my head!That’s all for now, but more “Shopboy Shanghai” posts will follow.

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7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits China

I try not to post twice in the same day as I know my readers have more important things to do with their time than read and post comments. Well, okay, they don’t, but I do. Anyway, this is fairly important news, so here goes.

Around 2.30pm today, there was a severe earthquake (7.8 magnitude) in eastern Sichuan province and this was felt as far away as Shanghai and Beijing, both over 1000 miles away.

I blame it on the French!

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Fashion Friday

ISpyShanghai has created Shoe Tuesday, so I’ve decided to create Fashion Friday, which will be posted not necessarily on a Friday (that would be far to predictable, and unlike boring, predictable ISpyShanghai, I’m a very impulsive, go with the moment kinda guy.

I often see lost and confused looking tourists on the streets of Shanghai.  They see me walk past and you can see they want to ask for help with directions to The Bund, but then they hesitate, thinking “he probably doesn’t speak English”.  To help address this problem, I got this tee shirt the other day ….


It actually kills two birds with one stone, because it will also help avoid those irritating people on the streets trying to sell me English lessons!

More Fashion Friday posts will follow, perhaps on Tuesday!

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Move Over Darling


Move over darling!


…. and as it should be (one person, one seat). 

If I’m ever short of inspiration for blog material, all I need to do is take a trip on the subway or bus.

This morning I was taking the subway to work and as you can imagine during rush hour, empty seats are as scarce as hens teeth.  Each seating bench has space for 6 passengers and there are six shallow indents to indicate the seat spacing.

A middle aged woman boarded the train and found there were no spare seats, but undeterred, she walked up to a fully occupied bench and proceeded to try to sit in the 2 inch space between two other women.  The seated woman on the left initially had a classic “you’ve got to be kidding me” expression on her face, but then calmly, albeit reluctantly, she moved over a couple of inches (which must have been uncomfortable) to make a bit more space for the new passenger.

I’m normally conscious of taking photos of people but this was just too funny to worry about consequences and I even went for a second photo after someone had vacated their seat and there was then room for six to sit normally!

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A Breath Of Fresh Air


Get your free Olympic torch tee shirts here!


Another satisfied customer.


Hongkongers just love to line up for stuff, I think it’s the influence of all those years of British rule!

So I spent the short May holiday in Hong Kong to welcome the Olympic torch back to Chinese soil on May 2nd. There was a buzz of excitement in the air. Giordano, a popular casualwear retailer was giving out up to 5 free red Olympic tee shirts to anyone willing to queue up in long lines that formed outside many stores.

Youngsters were gathering in Wanchai, dressed in red and waving Chinese flags, hours before the torch was due to pass through.

After the event, many high profile A-list Hong Kong celebrities were interviewed and asked about their experience of carrying the torch for a few precious minutes being cheered on by the supportive crowd and you could see they were brimming with excitement over what I imagine must be a once in a lifetime experience and despite tight security, I didn’t see a protester in sight.

I don’t want to turn this into a propaganda post, but it was very uplifting to see, for a change, the Olympic torch relay generating smiles and excitement rather than violence and protests.

Surely, that’s the whole point of the event and I think regardless of political views on Tibet and China, it’s a pity the situation wasn’t mirrored in some of the other locations like London and Paris.

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Too Busy To FCUK

WoAi would like to apologise for not being regular lately, but he’s increased his fibre intake and normal service should resume soon.  He’s currently in Beijing, making sure the last minute Olympic preparations are going smoothly (the new Terminal 3 by the way is breathtaking!).

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Coffee In The Summertime

Apologies for the short break.  WoAi as you know, was in HK to ensure none of those silly protesters interfered with the Olympic torch.  More on that trip will follow in the next few days, including a “Shop Boy” segment running down all the new things I bought on the 3 day shopping spree, but first …..

The Starbucks experience is becoming more and more irritating. First there was the unnecessary hard sell for cheesecakes and sandwiches (I just want a coffee), then there was the offer of various syrups to improve the flavour of the beverage (the barista – not to be confused with barrister – actually said the coffee would taste bitter if I didn’t go for the extra syrup!), then there was the bizarre habit of trying to make small talk with the customers (nice idea, poorly and awkwardly executed) and now that summer is here, this is what happens:

WoAi [after waiting an eternity to get served because there was ONE person in front of me] : 2 lattes, 1 cappuccino to go please.

Barista : Hot or cold?

WoAi : All hot please.

Barista : Hot? But it’s so hot today, are you sure?

WoAi : Just give me the fucking coffee!

Barista : [Silence]

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The Final Countdown

Well it’s 1st May (or May 1st if you are of the American persuasion), which means I’ve got another 15 days remaining of my thirties, yikes!

A good friend of mine wrote a little poem for me a while back and it went a little something like this:

The forty year mile post Peter reaches
Nary a comely lass to Wed
Ere he couples with whomever he pleases
And despoils carnal innocence in bed

All I can say is, I hope I still have a good few years of “despoiling” left in me!

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WoAi’s Going To Protect The Torch

The May (Labour Day) holiday is upon us once again. This year it has been shortened from the usual 7 days to just 3, in an effort to reduce the travel chaos that always coincides with the long breaks and 1.3 billion people all going on holiday at the same time!

I’m heading south to Hong Kong. The main reason for the trip is to welcome the Olympic torch which arrives back on Chinese soil on Friday after a somewhat turbulent journey across the globe . I’m also going to do my part to ensure that any potential Olympic torch saboteurs are suitably thwarted, so activists (and Mia Farrow), be warned. It’s also possible I may do a little bit of shopping (shoes, watches, electronic gadgets, fragrances, a few shirts, perhaps a new suit, English magazines from HMV, a new camera lens etc) in the former British colony as well, but that’s certainly not the main reason for the trip!

And in protest against those awful French people, I am giving up French fries and French kissing for the entire May holiday (sorry ladies, normal service will resume on May 4th) but I am still going to shop at Carrefour, because their prices are cheap (that’s what I overheard a Shanghainese woman telling her daughter the other day!).

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